Self Defense Against Choke Against a Wall It is essential that any effective self defense system teach simple techniques with cohesive principles. If you can apply a few techniques to many different attacks you shorten the time it takes to learn the system, increase retention, and make it more likely that you will be able to successfully defend yourself in a time of need, when adrenaline reduces your logical thought process. In this video I explain how to defend against a choke from the front while being pushed against a wall. The defense is very similar to that of choke from the front with a push. Once the choke is applied and I’m being slammed into a wall I have to spread my arms outwards and tuck my chin quickly to avoid hitting my head. Immediately I raise my right hand as high as possible, gluing my ear to my bicep and stretch my left hand downwards. Keeping my body and head pressed into the wall, and my ear pressed to my bicep, I drop my left shoulder down (tracing a “u” on the wall) while rotating 90 degrees to the left. As soon as the choke is broken (when my body is perpendicular to the attacker) I drop my right arm to clear the attacker’s hands then deliver an explosive right elbow to the face or throat. Finish the defense by delivering aggressive counterattacks to vulnerable areas of the attacker’s body and turning your body so that your back is no longer to the wall. Continue striking until you have enough time and space to get away. Please let me know if you have any questions

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