Self defence Lesson 18: Grab from behind release No.1

Thepurpose of Master Wong Self defence is to learn to protect yourself while using reasonable force in line with the situation. Using only fast and effective technique, Master Wong Self defence gets straight to the point, incorporating Wing Chun, JKD, Ground Fighting and many more. Taking a situational training format covering head locks, chokes, grappling, being grabbed from behind, being threatened with a weapon and many others. Master Wong Training is available in Ipswich Suffolk UK. Click here for more info.

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    25 Responses to “Self defence Lesson 18: Grab from behind release No.1”

    1. Unzaman says:

      “You’re fucked, yeah ? This is a problem. Hm” ?!

    2. willy74773 says:

      i love this master!!!! haha
      but i want to learn his fuck technicq. lololol

    3. Setzer says:

      @k1llj0o has his assistant ever not been hurt? lol

    4. k1llj0o says:

      has his assisstant ever been hurt?!

    5. 123petar123 says:

      1:25 And Jim got owned again

    6. jmick213 says:

      Master Wong- self defence master.
      purveyor of the finest tire swings.

    7. darkfox1990 says:

      lmfao “and then you gonna be like this *squeezed* when you get home”….. this is fun to watch and educational..

    8. wheeyeonwhang says:

      and then you move outta way and then go home. have some breakfast. have some dinner. =D

    9. BuckThe says:

      This dude rules and I want to train with him in real life.

    10. Aboubakr23 says:

      same thing happened to me on October 13th, I got robbed, there were two guys, but didn’t get the chance to learn that moves; so it’s kinda too late, ever since I started looking for karaté lessons on youtube, and there u go, with that move, I could have done something. but I was shocked, cuz when it comes to reality, it ain’t fucking funny. watch ur backs guys, it’s not funny when u r grabbed from behind, cuz the first thing came to ma mind is that I thought it was som friend of mine who was …

    11. R1nji says:

      The thing with stepping on the toe is, that there is a high probability that you can’t hit the toe, because, if somebody gives you a bear hug like this, he will most likely try to move. Either to destabilize you (by throwing you on the ground), or to get into a better position (by pulling you or even lift you). The most people, who try to give you that kind of bearhug are pretty strong, so there’s a chance, that this defence won’t work like that.

    12. CrimsonGetsu says:

      @sdfasjf im sure if you do it fast enough the most he can do to you is a quick little punch on the back..

    13. MajicF says:

      What’s up with the monkey swings in the background?

    14. hamtetutu says:

      You’re Epic

    15. 79902625 says:

      Yea i hate getting fucked like this. You tought me how to break the fucka out!!! THANKS WONG YOU ARE MY HERO!!! YOU ARE LIKE GOKU!!!

    16. ktnsxtysvn says:

      i have a question- how do you get out of a behind headlock where the perp has their arms around your arms and their hands behind your head?

    17. NewDaysofNoah says:

      Great techniques. Straight forward teaching. Well done.

    18. sdfasjf says:

      its nice, but of course the attacker will do NOTHING with his right arm, wich is free when he grabed the left arm -.-

    19. kravguy187 says:

      Master Wong, you are the man.

    20. jordgubbsoppa1337 says:

      3:03 poor jim

    21. thejijjic says:

      his face at the beginning is epic

    22. Raidena5 says:

      what did he said at 2:44 ?

    23. superbluepurple2 says:

      you can head butt the person if you sick your bum into them first cause then they will bend over

    24. TheRainkaos says:

      lmfao…why is he so angry? he gets more pissed each lesson, and he’s taking it out on jim. best quote ever: “clean your ass”…i was laughing so hard i couldn’t breathe…missed the whole lesson, had to watch it again…lol

    25. TheMartialartsJedi says:

      this is awesome! im not even doing it and i feel powerful! i just imagine myself doing this stuff to some chav! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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