Scary Gmod Maps: OvErDrIvE [Gloward, Viper & Polygraph]

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25 Responses to “Scary Gmod Maps: OvErDrIvE [Gloward, Viper & Polygraph]”

  1. SjasFaceMD says:

    That is some serious,quotable shit there!

  2. zZzTomWzZz says:

    Polygraph: 2:13
    When ever I see a corpse I just like to cut it open, and an-you know sleep in it’s insides. xD
    Polygraph: 2:41 I just broke all of my legs.

  3. TheHurtmaster says:

    put it on the workshop? :)

  4. MajorJuggernaut666 says:

    Also, your comment does not seem angry, it is quite valid and you quite have the point there ^^

  5. MajorJuggernaut666 says:

    Dont worry poly, i actually understand :P i’ve been a fan of yours for quite a year or 2, that’s the only reason for me to be able to have some real opinion. Otherwise i wouldnt know you guys enough to say what i did. And yes, ive saw quite a lot of you guys streams and i know you guys end up being totally random/funny. Tho, i was only saying my opinion about exclusively Gloward, I just think he is to serious. But of course im not hating, its just an opinion.

  6. TheOnlyPolygraph says:

    Of course we’re not all a bunch of fucking idiots. But not a whole lot of people enjoy shit like the podcasts, where we talk about game design and intellectual shit (and not so intellectual shit). We’re playing a fucking videogame, do we have to question the meaning of life?
    You don’t go on a tangent about Sophocles when you’re just fucking around with friends.
    This comment seems angry, but I’m agreeing with you on the “sometimes humor requires much more intelligence than to be serious” thing.

  7. MajorJuggernaut666 says:

    Just telling my opinion :P and i didnt say he isnt intelligent. But well since you mention it, sometimes humor and the capability to entertain requires much more inteligence than to be serious and be allways monocordic about everything…… but again, probably im the only one who thinks that way.

  8. MajorJuggernaut666 says:

    that is the truth indeed. but i think everyone here is looking for more entertainement than for intelect =/ that is only my opinion. If we were actually looking for inteligence, then this should be a philosopic video or something. Im not saying he is not funny, im saying that I dont find him funny, only me. It’s only an opinion.

  9. Ryan Currey says:

    Me too! :D

  10. csongor2001 says:

    How can i make a map!

  11. BrolloXcast says:

    just because of these guys i really want to make a map! :D

  12. Chaosian01 says:

    Oh fan, keeping it so classy – and so naive..

  13. nicholas lovell says:

    That was hilarious at the end

  14. Nick Rosa says:

    Hey Gloward, could you friend request me on steam? I have castle crashers, CS:S, Garry’s Mod (which for some reason now has an error from anime sprays i downloaded from garry’, and some other games. Thanks!

    PS – i friend requested viper as well, can you tell him that?

  15. TheOnlyPolygraph says:

    WE ALL DO.
    Be sure to link us the map when you’re done. We love playing maps fans have made us.

  16. NightscoutHL says:

    i remember this, it was one of te last scary maps i played before gmod 13. i remember loving the detail, but dissapointed because it was so short :(

  17. Ozone TehBaws says:

    “Are you sure it’s okay? :C”
    You guys…
    You fucking guys…
    You guys are heroes..

  18. Heavysbagel says:

    Wow i’m really honured to have you play my map, i’ve been a fan of you guys work for a long time and you inspired me to remake this map. I’m nearly finished with the new one :D

  19. erikatvdriver says:

    hes the intelligent pupil of the group of kids…

  20. MajorJuggernaut666 says:

    I find gloward kinda not funny =S

  21. gallantlau says:

    viper said burn that! then he shoot and gloward said ON NOOOO!! XD

  22. gallantlau says:

    funniest is 4.53

  23. frangleman says:

    @dean congrats. You got told. :P

  24. MrN00B243 says:

    You have the best outro XD

  25. StillGotShit4Brains says:

    Scary Gmod Fail: OvErDrIvE [Gloward, Viper & Polygraph]*

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