Ray Amsley’s Self Defense

Ray Amsley’s self defense training video. Buy T-shirts www.zazzle.com Buy T shirts in the UK here titan-tshirts.com

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26 Responses to “Ray Amsley’s Self Defense”

  1. Lura Canute says:

    Great Couch Surfing game nite in Chicago

  2. TheHappyKamper says:

    Do you accept paypal?

  3. ryanfoss says:

    Hey, did you base this character off of Danny McBride?

  4. Faka85 says:

    @OneKidRebellion guess u r 12

  5. OneKidRebellion says:

    @Faka85 fake and gay… he would ssay about it on his channel, not a comment from someone else… so stupid.

  6. MshadowsenseoC says:

    Rule number one: I’ve got friends! Most important self defence tip ever!!! Thnx Ray for your teachings. the penis-inside-out-kick ones saved my life :)

  7. DerExekuteur says:

    you find it funny to have only one leg? or to be disabled? dummer trottel….

  8. Faka85 says:

    SUSCRIBE PPL!!! RAY new channel~


  9. WiggaTriggaTV says:

    Lmao no one else can kill you but graffiti artists and perverts. I promise.

  10. WiggaTriggaTV says:

    HOW did you bend your leg so far back??

  11. Gleryff says:

    Fantastic van that one

  12. reavessname says:

    watching some of your great stuff makes me wonder why you are not more famous! but trash like Justin Beiber is i know your not the same kind of entertainers, but just saying…

  13. nathanjbarnatt says:

    @cameleopard42 use a banana

  14. lasinger23 says:

    Great job Nathan, you can’t even tell you had a right leg lol = ) (sidenote) My favorite line is “I’ll punch you in the face so hard you won’t be able to eat your macaroni” gets me every time. lol

  15. hockeytofu101 says:

    he’s tougher than snake plissken

  16. JungleOasis says:

    It was funnier when I misheard him. Blinde people, dead people..

  17. cameleopard42 says:

    Suppose that he’s got a pointed stick?

  18. iambearcat says:

    Nathan did you live in rhode Island? Because you mention Lincoln Mall here, and then in talking classics you mention Keith lives in Woonsocket.

  19. MrJonnnyKI says:

    YOUR AWS :D and so funny :D but how did you do that with you leg :O

  20. LordAzanko says:

    hey man love your vids man they are funny as hell….whats the song you use in the video?…

  21. briggstar says:

    I’m fwom Worcester. I’ll teach you to eat Cinnamon Rolls! I’ll punch you in the face so hawd!

  22. BoiledEggFace says:

    I follow through!

  23. JonnyD108 says:

    @SofEath No, it’s there. The way the lighting is set up it’s just not very visible in most shots

  24. zerocell911 says:

    …You’re not very intelligent, are you? He’s got his bent at the knee and tucked in his pants. And yes, there is a shadow.

  25. SofEath says:

    If you look at his shadow. There isn’t his wooden leg shadow

  26. Rosvolainen says:

    @thesouthstreetskater “Kick his penis inside out” which explains “Now he’s raping himself”.

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