Prime Suspect – Behind the Scenes Pt 1

Documentary from ITV’s 50 year anniversary about the award winning TV Programme. Features Helen Mirren along with Producers, Directors and past members of the cast.

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    21 Responses to “Prime Suspect – Behind the Scenes Pt 1”

    1. leedumett444 says:

      prime suspect 1 was great, but the rest of the trilogy was poor.

    2. sweetaliena says:

      I remember watching this show when I was young. It was so good! Good times!

    3. prosthetix2 says:

      Thanks for posting this, i made the fake bodies in the eps 1 – 3 so this is great to see !!

    4. latitude99 says:

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone upload the other Prime Suspect films?

    5. Amiratof says:

      Gracias, ya lo estoy viendo. :)

    6. SRGFNY says:

      I’m from Mexico as well. Just wanted to let you know that Film & Arts started re-airing the series last week and the second part of the first episode is due tomorrow at 3pm and 10pm with the second episode airing next wednesday and so on.

    7. msnoordam08 says:

      The collaboration of Prime Suspect is in subtley indepth and was montage to an upscale suspence thriller which had become the mosst brilliant of all suspence thriller ive seen,.. I remeber seeing Murder she wrote when i was in yeehigh although it reminds of teacup potrayal of miss angela, no pun.

    8. 324wilson says:

      After seeing movie “The Queen”, whenever I see Helen Mirren, she reminds me of Her Majesty!

    9. mrpogi says:

      can you upload the 5th film?

    10. fatcatsathat says:

      I see Jane Tennison as a female version of Peter Falk’s Lieuntenant Columbo and combined with Angela Lansbury in “Murder She Wrote.”

    11. conniemirrenfan says:

      thank you
      i love the prime suspect
      i love jane tennison

    12. Dessan01 says:

      Love most of the others though, number 1 is probably my favourite — John Bowe was great as the psychopathic George Marlow. Tom Bell was at the peak of his powers, and don’t forget Helen Mirren of course! I can watch the DVD again and again.

    13. Dessan01 says:

      I wasn’t a huge fan of number 7, I didn’t think there was enough of a plot to justify the length of the program — plus you could tell that Tom Bell was really poorly and he just wasn’t Bill Otley anymore, it was quite a depressing performance from such a brilliant actor.

    14. kewllbeans89 says:

      my dad was in that movie…i think he was in some movie called suspect im not joking it was with steve martin and dennis quaid

    15. Amiratof says:

      I’m such a fan for this show. Here in Mexico is really hard to catch the episodes

    16. pbrucpaul says:

      Helen Mirren is a great actress!

    17. ashjoma says:

      thanks so much – this is great

    18. treble473 says:

      Gotta add my thanks for putting these up! I loved this show.

    19. claragrosso says:


    20. attagrrrl says:

      Is this the same “Behind the Scenes” footage that comes with the PS7 DVDs?

    21. gottaluvjfo says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting these up!

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