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    25 Responses to “Pressure Points in the Martial Arts –”

    1. xiPRoB3aSTix says:


    2. TheApatheticGuy says:


      Speak softly, yet carry a big stick.

    3. GeneticallySuperior1 says:

      @foteee123 The very first rule my instructor ever taught me was to “never fight just to fight” unless for competition , self defense , Ect … If it were found that I used my training to cause harm to anyone outside of these two acceptions i’de be immediately asked to turn my belts over & i’de basically be ex-communicated from the club… As far as this old man goes- ummm ahhhh i’de like to think 15yrs of training & my youth would prove superior, but if weapons were involved he’d probably win

    4. foteee123 says:

      @GeneticallySuperior1 Have a go at him man :P 

    5. GeneticallySuperior1 says:

      Try that while I’m throwing 285lb power blows to your cranium old man- lol

    6. lanigirod says:

      you can also use certain points to heal the body…accu-puncture is one example…

    7. twigothique says:

      everyone in russia knows how to do this before they’re born XD

    8. TheLadyOuran says:

      coolios….but what does that pressure point do other than cause pain?

    9. saddler360 says:

      Guys, dont mock him, he could fuck you up!!

    10. Brav0ZuluForever says:

      about 96% of what

    11. screamolover4life says:

      lol its hitlers dad xD

    12. Ronin6575 says:

      @geniusO2 In reading over your comments again, I am guessing that you have probably failed every class you have taken in school….assuming you are a kid and still in school. If not, I feel more sorry for you,

    13. Ronin6575 says:

      @geniusO2 Look dumb butt, I know Rick and he is definitely not fake nor is he an abuser. Besides that, I am not a dumb ass. Although some people probably think I am. It is easy to criticize people but harder to prove your point. Why don’t you put your own video on here and allow us to see what you can do. The way you express yourself only tells me that you are immature and uneducated!

    14. geniusO2 says:

      @Ronin6575 i saw some guy looks like him in movie he was abusing kids !! ur totally dumb-ass, besides he is fake ( as i already stated

    15. Ronin6575 says:

      Before being critical , try to understand that these techniques will obviously not always work on everyone. This is why you train in a variety of different techniques.
      It is amazing how many experts come out of the walls and start being critical of everything they see on here.

    16. Ronin6575 says:

      @geniusO2 I dun think you know how to express yourself very well. I suggest you might need some psychiatric help also.

    17. Matthew2365 says:

      90% of what will what ?

    18. xerke says:

      100kest viewer! xd

    19. geniusO2 says:

      i dun like ths old guy cause i think he’s kids abuser
      damm ! he’s so lier about everything its all demos
      Stop fk calimg thngs nd stop using lil childeren

    20. fcuk4220 says:

      @lpundr1, your kidding right?

    21. MarshalNey13 says:

      I’m pretty skeptical of “pressure point martial arts” but i dunno, you might be able to apply some of this. Like in BJJ when someone grabs your collar for a choke, you could probably use this to fuck with their wrist.

    22. JaikeKun says:

      dmn it worked

    23. billysue2 says:

      dim mak is a joke in case yer not being sarcastic

    24. lpundr1 says:

      How can you say Tai Chi has no credibility as self defence, where do you think Dim Mak originated from?

    25. owenspence says:

      Furthermore, kata are forms, which contained the meaning and intent of the techniques and are not necessarily useless, especially if you do not desire combat. Kata are like school. You can be given the information, but you need to do the homework, to understand the information and retain it. Kata are the homework

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