Presenting Yourself Professionally Throughout The Job Search

Remember, the seemingly small things do count when it comes to your professional image. For example:

o Ensure your email address is professional. “” does not conjure up a professional image in the eyes of HR and hiring managers!

o Keep an email box just for your job search and check it regularly (twice a day at a minimum).

o When designing an email address use your first initial then last name. Or, if this is taken, try first initial.last name. Simple addresses reduce the likelihood of typos.

o Make sure your voice mail greetings at home and on your mobile phones are professional. “This is Jane and I can’t find the phone just now. It must be in the back seat because I threw it at my screaming kids,” will not do!

o Conduct an online “vanity search” by “Googling” your name. Is there anything you’re going to have to explain in an interview? Also check LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Classmates, etc. and ensure your online “presence” is clean and professional.

o Have an “elevator speech” prepared. When you meet networking contacts be prepared to talk about what you’re interested in, why you’re a good fit and how you’ll add value to the company.

o Dress up one notch so that you’re professional and polished. Candidates who have been cleaning the house, driving carpools, and making lunches and dinners for years need to throw out their sweats and t-shirts and update their hair and wardrobe to reflect a new professional image!

o Name Drop. Even though your mother told you not to do it, do it anyway! If someone referred you, you should use his or her name. It’s okay. HR representatives and hiring managers scan hundreds of resumes and interview many candidates. They will likely give you more consideration if they know someone from within the company put your name forward. (Plus, sometimes those people get cash rewards if their candidate gets hired!)

o Smile during your interview! It’s a conversation not an interrogation. Ask questions and talk with your interviewers. Nervousness makes you more tense, but enthusiasm is contagious!

The bottom line: Your physical and cyber images are extremely important! They are a reflection of you! They either say “professional”, or they don’t. Invest a little time and thought in your appearance and you’ll feel great!

Source by Linda Kerr Waters
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