Precrime Police: Barack Obama

5/21/09 Rachel Maddow discusses Obama’s speech today with Vincent Warren with the Center for Constitutional Rights, who met with Obama at the White House yesterday with other human rights activists and civil libertarians about the concerns with Obama’s embrace of Bush and Cheney policies. ‘Preventive detention’ at the top of the list.

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6 Responses to “Precrime Police: Barack Obama”

  1. LadyGreenEyes964 says:

    This isn’t an “embrace” of Bush policies, but a push for far more sinister ones. There is already groundwork to apply this to regular criminals, NOT just terrorists. Extended sentences for those deemed likely to commit the same crimes. Not longer sentences given at trial, mind you (which would be fine), but sentences extended after the person is already through with a trial. Toss out what a judge and jury decide, and arbitrarily keep people in longer.

  2. n0b0dy508 says:

    @NationalApostasy You’re very welcome, my friend. Please spread the truth to all you know – family, friends, co-workers… e-mail my videos and similar videos from others to everyone you can!!

    God bless

  3. NationalApostasy says:

    n0b0dy508, thank you for posting this great video! It speaks volumes.

  4. umhalil says:

    @RevoltorAdapt Yeah.And we’re already there. = /

  5. umhalil says:

    There are TWO US Constitutions.Check my fav’s for details. Good video n0b0dy508.Thanks for uploading.

  6. RevoltorAdapt says:

    The agenda is more of a police state .

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