Police FireArms Training Winlock Reserve Police Academy

This is more training from the 2010 Winlock Police Reserve Academy, this section is fire arms training.

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4 Responses to “Police FireArms Training Winlock Reserve Police Academy”

  1. RO1146 says:

    I really wish I could join the Winlock’s ranks. and the Winlock Police Reserve Unit.

  2. montanahogrider says:

    They will pick up the pace as they get more experience. My only question is, why does such a small town have a reserve academy? Do they train for other cities as well?

  3. ridgerunner98570 says:

    I think the “one shot then aim again, then one shot and aim again” is not a realistic field exercise. When engaged in a firearms response, an officer will have a tendency to empty his weapon in rapid fire. Therefore, he should train to do that while keeping his aim on target. Hand, arm, not hand, eye coordination.

  4. coldiron1971 says:

    Sorry, it appears these Reserve Officers are being taught bad tactics.

    1. remove siderarm from holster

    2. turn weapon toward target at hip

    3. start shooting at target as you move from hip to extending your arm toward target.

    You guys look like Barney FIffe

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