Police Academy, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy

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    23 Responses to “Police Academy, New Mexico”

    1. wacey2002 says:

      i remember the oc spray… that sucked…. but the worst was when i was in boot camp for the army and we had to go in the CS (tear gas) room… now that was horrible. but congrats on your grad… i went to the academy in hobbs nm

    2. branditexeira says:


      I understand, we may not be able to take a 6 foot, 250 lb man into custody without taking a few licks, but we better have to mindset to take the licks and give some licks too. Also, don’t wonder WHAT IF! If you want to try it, do it. If you don’t like it, quit. At least you won’t be able to say WHAT IF. :)

    3. branditexeira says:


      I’m 5’5″, 112 lbs on a good day! Alot of people wonder how I’m able to push through under certain situations and for me, it’s all about heart. I know, sounds tacky but you really have to want to do it, and damn it, do it just as good or even better than the guys. Nothing frustrates me more than female officers that want to be treated equally in the profession, then complain that they aren’t able to do certain things because they’re female.

    4. thatJesuslovingFreak says:

      how tall are you? and how much to u weigh? im female, 105 pounds and 5 feet! idk if i could do this?? i have the drive in me..but stil wondering??

    5. branditexeira says:

      @highhawk21 – Awesome! 10-48 too!

    6. branditexeira says:

      @SuperLaw911 – I grew up at sea level and I was worried about the altitude too but I ran a few times near Aguirre Springs, right over the Organ Mountains. It’s higher up there. I didn’t see much of a difference and by no means a “runner” when I started the academy. All I can say is keep a positive attitude and give it your best.

    7. SuperLaw911 says:

      i cant wait to go through the academy and get it over with, looks like fun but also challenging. i have been getting ready for it but not sure if it will be enough to make it through. hey is it true that its harder to run up in santa fe because of the higher altitude? MANY OF MY BUDDIES HAVE FAILED FOR THAT REASON. I DONT WANT TO BE ANOTHER ONE.

    8. Pkarchpray16 says:

      @usarmy2000 Sounds pretty good, Thanks for the GI bill idea i forget i have it

    9. usarmy2000 says:

      @Pkarchpray16 You will enjoy it. 4 days on 3 days off was our schedule. Not sure if they changed it. Alot of hours though. Just apply with a police department and you will be set up to go. Also you can use your 9-11 Gi bill…

    10. Pkarchpray16 says:

      @usarmy2000 how was it? im seroiusly thinking about applying after im done with my time in the navy

    11. usarmy2000 says:

      @branditexeira Sorry I just seen you responded. We graduated in August 2010. Chief Garcia was there, Director Ortiz, Phil also. Hey if you respond, respond to my email address or or facebook. usarmy2000@yahoo.com or facebook, manuel monte. Nice talkin to you!

    12. glyon49 says:


      i heard class 179 was a whole bunch of scrubs?

    13. glyon49 says:


      I heard 179 was a whole bunch of scrubs?

    14. highhawk21 says:

      You are doing a great job at what you do. Police ain’t for anybody and the challenges ain’t easy nor is the life. I have jus graduated from the Indian Police academy in artesia. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

    15. NeferOfGilead says:

      Very cool video. Thank you for protecting our community!

    16. brianbernal01 says:

      awsome video great job!!!!

    17. branditexeira says:

      @usarmy2000 179 huh? When did you guys graduate? Who’s teaching up there now??? Good job on getting through it!

    18. trvsnch says:


    19. miabrowning09 says:


    20. usarmy2000 says:

      Awsome video….. Just graduated with class 179. Some differences but good training!

    21. Alieksieieva says:

      Oh,my god!You are awesome!my dream is to go to police academy.And by watching ur video i’m gonna be sooo inspired!Thank you!

    22. branditexeira says:

      Hey! Right on! I heard Washington was recruiting heavily! Good for you, stoked! :) No ancient chinese secret…just give it your best and have a positive attitude. It will be the kind of fun that you will never want to go through again, but you come out a stronger person! Good luck!

    23. ttynanes says:

      Wow Congratz Girl! I’m from O’ahu. Looking Forward To Facing Similar Challenges In Washington State. Any Ancient Chinese Secrets Your Willing To Share For Academy?!!?!? :D

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