We spotted this documentary on CNN last week and cannot believe what is going on in Florida with the pain clinics giving out pain pills like candy. Why hasn’…
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  1. It seems much has changed since 2012 – I’m American, living in San Francisco, California, and I did Heantos in my own home in January! I was coached by an amazing support specialist named Mary. She custom designed my detox from Oxycontin and Oxycodone. I feel so grateful that Heantos actually works! It’s easy and affordable – I slept a LOT. I hardly felt withdrawals. I think their site is – sorry for the tons of enthusiasm, I just feel so free and clear!

  2. It seems much has changed since 2012 – I’m American, living in San Francisco, California, and I did Heantos in my own home in January! I was coached by an amazing support specialist named Mary. She custom designed my detox from Oxycontin and Oxycodone. I feel so grateful that Heantos actually works! It’s easy and affordable – I slept a LOT. I hardly felt withdrawals. What a blessing for me! I’m now clean from drugs, and I’d recommend their services to anyone – they might even coach my uncle off of methadone over the phone soon – and he’s in backwoods Ohio! I think their site is – sorry for the to of enthusiasm, I just feel so free and clear! Finally!

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  7. Mario Galvan says:

    for most people who get addicted to pain killers it’s not. if you get in a car wreck and are unconscious and wake up to a morphine drip and go home a month later with a script to oxys and addicted was it really your fault? that’s the difference between pain killers and other drugs. I agree with you on the fact that if people want to get high then they should have that right. I do think that more information should be given about the truth of these drugs and really how addictive they are.

  8. Dizzy Nacho says:

    Legitimate pain clinics for “some”.

  9. ptennisproductions says:

    Forget pharmaceutical medication people cannabis gears and can’t read in replace over 265 medications on the market try it look into it for your illness cannabis or Bh oh honey oil edibles whatever. Get down and smoke the Bob Marley

  10. ptennisproductions says:

    Methadone and morphine is the only approved medication recommended by the government because it’s cheap not because if it’s effect. Most forms of morphine or early takin are too weak to make a difference only when injected is morphine a great rug for pain. The government does not care about the quality of life they care about dollars and no sense. We are tapping out are opiates stock monthly because of the oxy so heroin is king and our military in Afghanistan is shipping and all home

  11. ptennisproductions says:

    Band Tylenol and all narcotics pain medication because junkies abuse them legitimate chronic pain patients need to be diligently punished for their use of Drugs prescribed from the doctor for their debilitating condition . government has legally provided and now criminalized. The government knew what they were doing when they approved it made billions of it for decades and oh it’s a problem now and here we go we have opana and now that the new oxy. And now us legitimate pain patients are stuck

  12. Mike MONEY says:

    what the fuck i live in this place and i dident know god damn i got fo get to one of them traps

  13. HybridD91 says:


  14. HybridD91 says:

    *clears throat* Trap house. It’s called a trap house.

  15. thetwistedcherri says:

    this is so stupid. I know, let’s ban all food because some people are addicted and get fat on it. The logic is so off here. End the war on Drugs – especially prescription drugs that pain patients need to function

  16. dupont4sure says:

    it should be your choice what you put in your body

  17. Tanya Hill says:

    …so I’m not saying this drug war isn’t important. I just hate that the same people who are claiming they need to “crack down” on this problem are the same one’s creating it and profiting from it. The just don’t won’t others to. This is still all just my opinion. Hey, maybe I’m wrong. But, I’m just calling it like I see it.

  18. Tanya Hill says:

    It’s so pretentious for the gorvernment to act like they give a fuck when the only things that are illegal are things they can’t regulate. Prostitution another is a perfect example. At the end of the day, it’s all about money. Pharmacutical companies make a shit load of money off these people’s addictions. Opiates and Benzos are more popular than their illegal counterparts (cocaine, heroine, etc). Don’t get me wrong, all of this destroys lives and I’ve struggled with drugs in the past as well…

  19. Tanya Hill says:

    Why is it such a concern to shut down pain clinics when there’s problems like cigarettes, alcohol, and obesity caused by bullshit processed foods that kill us everyday. The only difference between legal narcotics and illegal narcotics is government regulation, not whether they truly give a fuck if people are killing themselves to chase a high and feel good or just be numb. If this world wasn’t so shitty, people wouldn’t have such a need to feel this way.

  20. jaykzlolol says:

    wow fuck you bitch im really really glad people like you did shit like this to get this ruined

  21. ThaGodWeCreate says:

    i had to figure out drugs all on my own cuz tha gov and my mom and teachers lied to me…drug laws are infringement on person freedom…drug addiction is not a criminal problem..its a social problem, a personal problem and unless u stealing, mugging, robbing or killing people to feed ur addiction then i dont care u dont deserve to live in a cage. you might need help and prison is a revolving door. plus people should be able to self destruct. this country was and is still built on drug money.

  22. ThaGodWeCreate says:

    what are u talkin bout…these drugs aren’t legal right now and still teenagers have no problem gettin them…i live in jersey and its an epidemic..easier to get than cigs cuz at least u get carded for cigs…dealers dont card for pills. education is where its at..we gotta be honest with teenagers about drugs..cuz they gonna try them..they should kno tha pros and cons and how to use safely and knowing what they get into..that painkillers is DOPE in pill form. people deserve tha truth & freedom

  23. ThaGodWeCreate says:

    dont let pharmaceutical companies enslave you…SSRIs, painkillers, anti-anxiety meds, ADHD meds…all designed to keep you enslaved…dont say i didnt warn u. your better off on heroin than oxy..its cheaper, stronger and less detox time

  24. ThaGodWeCreate says:

    but as with everything…tha choice is yours

  25. ThaGodWeCreate says:

    you are not free if you can be locked in a cage for getting high….its just wrong to tell anyone what they can and can not do with thier own bodies. with that being said..these pills are terrible…stay away from them…dope will take ur soul. thats why i trust…IN WEED & DUST

  26. Akrecords K says:


  27. Heantos says:

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  28. SprayVomit says:

    I have been to executive pain mangement which is the clinic that she goes to and talks about all the out of state plates. I used to talk to that sexy bitch that told amber lyon to fuck off. Anyway the feds and state police closed that clinic down.

  29. SprayVomit says:

    Closing these pain cliincs down is only going to boost the heroin market. There is massive market for dope in north florida. Every day the market is growing. GREAT JOB DEA AND LOCAL COPS! Heroin is on its way and there will be no turning back. Just look at chicago!

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