p7/7 – Jim Hoover Reveals Inside Information in Police Interview – Casey Anthony Case

Part 7 of 7 – Police interrogation of James (Jim) Hoover, a private investigator who first volunteered his services to the Anthony family about the time protesters starting gathering outside their home. Mr. Hoover soon became a fixture in the happenings related to this case and was present during many key moments. James Hoover was with Dominic Casey when Mr. Casey searched for Caylee’s body in the area where it was eventually found and was the person who took the video of Dominic Casey searching the area.

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    10 Responses to “p7/7 – Jim Hoover Reveals Inside Information in Police Interview – Casey Anthony Case”

    1. bonniekilty says:

      During this whole interview he still never answered the question as to whether Dominick told George and Cindy of the tip about where to search for Caylee. I`m shocked they never came back to it.

    2. myocean111 says:

      I’m a little confused as to wth relevance is there in knowing exactly who’s name she spouted off during an overwhelming state of anger extreme pain over the reality of learning her grandchild was gone, mess left at the house or not???? seriously!!

    3. hoits says:

      OMG the liquorish thing?!! WTF is up with Baez, can’t wait for this to come out in court…. he needs to be kicked off the case big time.

    4. tbjw1 says:

      Well, he did preface it with he thinks that “they”, meaning the police probably already know this. I donno, but Casey seems to have her way with men.

    5. donttelluseene says:

      Is there an interview with this other PI guy? If so how fo I find it? Id love to see his lies as well.

    6. donttelluseene says:

      I swear I really didnt get crap out of his whole interview but ummm , let me think, Im not sure… This guy is so lame I cant believe a word he says either. Is there anyone involved in this case that don’t lie? Well Cindy’s mom was a great lady I can truely say in my heart that that was an honest interview. Other then hers so far from what few I have watched Nobody tells the truth!

    7. redicderldavis says:

      This Hoover guy is a viper, he like a lot of people in this case should be put up against a wall and shot.

    8. dreamerjs says:

      if Padilla gets to own that piece of land Caylee was found on that is just wrong! I hope the owner doesn’t sell it. Padilla will just use it to let people come and pay him money to see where caylee was found etc. he’ll exploit this. Hopefully son of sam law doesn’t allow him to make the transaction.

    9. Fogslifted says:

      I think this guy Hoover is basically an ok guy. He’s done some past insurance typr investigations, maybe s few Cheating spouse investigations. I think, this guy being the age he is, saw the Anthony’s in the beginning and really felt sorry about their situation plus the protestors etc…He really did wanna help as just to help. In the meantime, seeing and learning what he did seeing what he did he probably fihured what the hell. Everyone else is making money off of this, why not me!

    10. fenriswolf6699 says:

      Who believes this licorice-candy coated story?

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