p6/6 Amy Huizenga Police Interview – Casey / Caylee Marie Homicide Case

Part 6 of 6 – Police audio interview of Amy Huizenga, former friend of Casey Anthony. Ms. Huizenga is the person Casey Anthony stole bank checks from. After being kind enough to let Casey use her car while on vacation, Amy returned to find that Casey had stolen blank checks from the car and fraudulently cashed them, not stopping until Ms. Huizenga’s bank account was near empty. This is a very interesting interview and is very telling, not only about Casey, but Cindy Anthony also. Listen and see if you agree.

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22 Responses to “p6/6 Amy Huizenga Police Interview – Casey / Caylee Marie Homicide Case”

  1. AEYE4anEYE says:

    Where is the unused ROLL OF DUCT TAPE that Amy loaned to Casey for the No Clothes Party. Does it match the tape found on Caylee??????

  2. kylas124 says:

    It is a huge case very very big and it looks like it will be going to trial in may of 2011

  3. fenriswolf6699 says:

    Here you have Amy describing how Cindy knew Caylee was dead and she was trying to force Casey to PROVE to her that she was NOT dead. Cindy KNEW!

  4. RandiSierra says:

    OK so Amy says Cindy and Casey dropped her off. So Casey’s foul smelling car was already at Cindy’s house airing out. Then Cindy drives Casey to the police department instead of calling them to have them come to her house. Did she not want them to smell the car?

  5. fenriswolf6699 says:

    It will be released this week sometime, but if you go to the website called “Blink on Crime” you will find tons of information, insight, and links to all the different document dumps and audio recordings in this case, very good resource!!!

    Blink on Crime

  6. KIM9438 says:

    so where do I find this fenriswolf?

  7. fenriswolf6699 says:

    I would say the case is Huge here. And I think the interest sparks up more every time there is additional discovery released to the public. This week over 10,000 more pages will be made public, including the text of George Anthony testifying under oath to the grand jury. Very interesting stuff!

  8. blibjorb says:

    It’s huge. Casey Anthony is pretty much the most hated woman in America. If she were freed, she’d be attacked and pummelled to death by angry mobs.

  9. karenmorland says:


  10. donttelluseene says:

    If you all listen to this section of Amys account of the car ride and then go listen to Cindy Anthonys interview with the FBI on her accounts they are so WAY WAY differnt. Cindy was accousing Amy, Riccardo and PJ of being the kid napers. WOW Cindy is as bad as Casey.

  11. donttelluseene says:

    Nifter When I watch things abut Casey Anthony I look for your youtube vids first. You are doing a GREAT JOB I hope you keep posting all the things of intrest as they come out. You are doing this little Caylee more justice then her own grand parents!

  12. MyLove111607 says:

    For Some Weird Reason This Girl Sounds Just Like Casey, Her Voice & The Way She Talks, Like A Person Who Is Lying. Im Sure Amy Is Not Lying But Im Just Used To This Voice On Casey. But I Have Alwas Heard Casey Never Had A Personality Of Her Own & Would Just Go Off The People She Was Around To Fit In, So Im Wondering ..Bc That Guy She Was Going To Marry Even Said When He Hears Casey Talk It Does Not Even Sound Like Her, So Maybe She Got The Way She Talks From Amy.. Something To Think About!?!?!?

  13. Trubisha says:


  14. Trubisha says:

    4. In yet another JJ shooting you can see Holly Bistow (currently a live reporter for Fox) in the studio audience for JJ about ten years ago.

    Do my eyes decieve me? I wanted to ask you! It won’t make any difference to the case but, its WEIRD and I don’t know what to do with it!

    Would you please take a look? I put the two vids at my ‘favorites’. Check out the girl behind the defendant…throughout the two vids.

    Is it just me or is this creepy?

    Thanks Nifter! Trubisha

  15. Trubisha says:

    3. I’m afraid the JJ airing date, 1998, might be incorrect anyways. I dunno. Could Casey have been in the studio audience of Judge Judy in LA? You can see the woman next to her also…

    In yet another JJ shooting you can see Holly Bistow (currently a live reporter for Fox) in the studio audience for JJ about ten years ago.

  16. Trubisha says:

    2. The Judge Judy shooting is dated 1998.. Casey would have had to been 12 and in LA!

    It was just a fluke. I clicked on a link and was suddenly watching this JJ video and it caught my eye. It means dick to the case and it is hard to imagine Casey, 12, in this studio audience…but its bugging me!


  17. Trubisha says:

    Dear Nifter, I realise you are busy. I’m writing to you because of your
    computer savvy’. I’ve just had the most bizarre experience of seeing, who I believe to be Casey Anthony, in the studio audience of a Judge Judy shooting. It would have no bearing on the case but it is freaky. I don’t know what to do with this. I don’t post vids at youtube (probably neve will).
    I was wondering IF you could do something with this fluke?

  18. sixonenine54 says:

    Are there more videos still to be uploaded? I’ve seen everything from Nifter Media, and am anxious for anything else you might have. Thanks for providing all of this!!

  19. BadgeOfHonor1 says:

    Casey gets her diabolical scheming ways from her parents. George is nothing but a scammer and a rip off, STEALING from his OWN family, and Casey HAD to learn that from HIM, and Cindy condoned it. If she didn’t condone it she would have done something about it LONG ago, when she could have, and Lee, just because the DNA shows that he’s not the bio father of Caylee, DOES NOT mean that he didn’t molest his own sister. Casey lies, but THAT type of lie is not one that people usually put out there.

  20. englishpuzzle says:

    good job posting all these interviews! I appreciate it.

  21. BadgeOfHonor1 says:

    What was Casey doing when she “fell off the face of the Earth”… Googling Zanaida Fernandez on the internet, Burying her baby, digging her baby up, shoving her baby in the back of her trunk, burying her baby again, and concocting all these lies.

    Thank you Don!

  22. Fogslifted says:

    Thankyou for posting this. This was the interviw I was looking forward to hearing.
    I can’t imagine the defence having even one witness take Casey’s side? lol At least noone she actually knows or was friends with.

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