p5/6 Amy Huizenga Police Interview – Casey / Caylee Marie Homicide Case

Part 5 of 6 – Police audio interview of Amy Huizenga, former friend of Casey Anthony. Ms. Huizenga is the person Casey Anthony stole bank checks from. After being kind enough to let Casey use her car while on vacation, Amy returned to find that Casey had stolen blank checks from the car and fraudulently cashed them, not stopping until Ms. Huizenga’s bank account was near empty. This is a very interesting interview and is very telling, not only about Casey, but Cindy Anthony also. Listen and see if you agree.

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    19 Responses to “p5/6 Amy Huizenga Police Interview – Casey / Caylee Marie Homicide Case”

    1. danthehempsmog says:

      @fenriswolf6699 I KNEW your husband was a convicted pedophile

    2. danthehempsmog says:

      @BadgeOfHonor1 Donna Pino you spic

    3. AEYE4anEYE says:

      Where is the unused ROLL OF DUCT TAPE that Amy Huizenga loaned to Casey for the No Clothes Party? Does the tape match the tape that was found on Caylee?

    4. ashleyryanful says:

      I dont think AT ALL Amy had anything to do with this. All the interviews don’t sound like a guilty person talking. She was just caught up in this web of lies surrounding Casey.

    5. ashleyryanful says:

      So where has Casey been staying all this time. I know Tony and sometimes at Amy, but if the parents haven’t talked to Casey for over a month..WHERE WAS SHE?? I wonder if she stayed at Tony’s without his knowledge??

    6. janderson65 says:

      Those poor parents.

    7. mianabanana says:

      un f’ing believeable!!!

    8. erlada says:

      at 2:05 amy states that cindy says she had not spoken to/seen CAYLEE in a month——-but that casey, who she was talking to almost daily,was telling her she’s fine.

      in the beginning, both george and cindy said that their initial reaction to the smell was decomp–it was george that said he was worried that he would find casey or caylee in there when they opened the trunk.

      now they have changed that to the rotting pizza/maggots…florida heat…

    9. blibjorb says:

      Why Do You Capitalize Every Word?

    10. fenriswolf6699 says:

      They KNEW it was Caylee, and then they went back to work.

    11. ColorMeTrue says:

      Cindy has said several times that she spoke to and texted Casey nearly everyday of the 30 days she was gone; so why were she and George afraid the smell in the trunk could be Caylee or CASEY? Amy stated Cindy said she had not spoke to Casey.
      Can’t wait for the trial.

    12. misetoile1 says:

      Why would Amy write off the $400 so quickly?

    13. hockeystickbd says:

      Casey and Cindy did not get along. Amy is telling the truth. Cindy always said that her and Casey were always talking on the cell. Cindy didn’t even know where Casey was, Amy had to show Cindy where Casey was hanging out. I think Casey hoped that her car would be stolen and she could blame the car thief. It didn’t turn out the way Casey had planned it. Who would leave their purse in the car?

    14. toxicguy101 says:

      everything said between cindy and this girl.cindy going to denie saying ,you watch.everybody’s a lier but her family

    15. cavierwishes says:

      wow!!! truth be told casey became a dope feen and caylee paid the price

    16. BadgeOfHonor1 says:

      Yeah… very funny huh?.. Lol.. Hey MiMi, notice the fake badgeofhonor channel (user/BadgeOHonor1) Be careful who you’re responding too.. These people have nothing better to do. .. I swear man.. WTF!?.. But anyway, Cindy KNOWS all about decomposition too and she comes up with the “diaper in the trunk” theory. Lol! Oh man.. Cindy… GIVE EVERYONE A BREAK! Lol.

    17. mimi2957 says:

      Mom the nurse didn’t know she was pregnant; dad the homicide cop didn’t know she was a killer. Wonder where casey got her lying skills from?

    18. BadgeOfHonor1 says:

      Thank you Don! I feel sorry for Amy, for Casey involving all these innocent people in her life of lies. Cindy and George are used to it, but all these other people should not have to go through any of this.

    19. BadgeOfHonor1 says:

      Casey’s ability to convince people about the lies she tells is pretty amazing. Maybe she can sell the Caylee Memorial property that’s up for sale right now. Cindy being a nurse and George prior law enforcement and they did NOT call the cops? AND kept the car in their garage AND washed the clothes and the knife that was inside? And then Lee comments on the smell as well, and they ALL covered this up? WHY? No one buys that, no one believes Cindy OR George’s excuses of hiding the truth.

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