p3/6 Amy Huizenga Police Interview – Casey / Caylee Marie Homicide Case

Part 3 of 6 – Police audio interview of Amy Huizenga, former friend of Casey Anthony. Ms. Huizenga is the person Casey Anthony stole bank checks from. After being kind enough to let Casey use her car while on vacation, Amy returned to find that Casey had stolen blank checks from the car and fraudulently cashed them, not stopping until Ms. Huizenga’s bank account was near empty. This is a very interesting interview and is very telling, not only about Casey, but Cindy Anthony also. Listen and see if you agree.

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    20 Responses to “p3/6 Amy Huizenga Police Interview – Casey / Caylee Marie Homicide Case”

    1. ashleyryanful says:

      I like Amy too! She may not talk very educated, but she sounds like she was a good friend to Casey. None of this adds up. She may have been really young to have a child, but there are many options out there. I’m pro-choice. ( go ahead and talk bad about that decision) Im sure her parents would of been happy to take of Caylee. I hope they throw the book at her!!!!

    2. fenriswolf6699 says:

      I really like Amy, she souds like she was a good friend to casey.

    3. janderson65 says:

      @alexmew2 I have a feeling that I must have an accent because I don’t hear any at all on them.

    4. blibjorb says:

      Wow. Most people lie once in a while, but how does someone lie with every breath like this every day for years to every one she knows?!?! Steals from her grandmother, parents, and best friends! And then dumps her little girl’s body in a swamp after suffocating her to death! Clear sociopath. Maybe they will dissect her brain to see wtf is going on inside such a twisted mind after she gets the electric chair.. .

    5. fenriswolf6699 says:

      Yeah, casey had nice friends that she absolutely squandered!

    6. erlada says:

      at approx 4:58 or so, she is mentioning casey wanting to get gas cans…

      this was on the 28th, possibly 29th.

      i think she was desperate to get gas in that car and get it off that amscot parking lot.

      why she never followed through and removed the car is a mystery to me ?

    7. Hhaze says:

      I think she sounds very honest and nice.

    8. SorryToInterruptBut says:

      Why would her “accent” be fake? That is so ignorant. Sounds like a regional Floridian speech pattern that you may just not be familiar with.

    9. fenriswolf6699 says:

      She wanted to burn the car using Amy’s gas cans!! But she was too late! The car was towed on the 30th and she wasnt able to do it. It was probably her plan B if the car wasnt stolen!

    10. janderson65 says:

      Baez is doing his job. Maybe I missed something.

    11. TinkerBebe says:

      Most definitely and what sad is Casey has copy cats. A woman in Southern Cali smothered her daughter and dumped the body then called police saying she was attacked and knocked unCONcious.

      Turns out the lady, Stacy Barker, beat herself up to make it look like an attack happened. She confessed to killing her daughter.

    12. cafelattefuture says:

      Shades of Susan Smith there.

    13. alexmew2 says:

      LOL It is just this strange thing they do with vowels. Especially making A’s flat.

    14. janderson65 says:

      I didn’t notice any accent, maybe I have one too.

    15. anitsirhceener says:

      its pretty bloody clear.
      these depositions are just to get all the facts pieced together.

      baez is cashing in on his 15 minutes – which will set him for life if he can avoid an obstruction of justice charge.

    16. alexmew2 says:

      this girl has the same weird fake accent that Casey has. They were probably 2 birds of a feather- only Amy is not a murderer.

    17. TinkerBebe says:

      I hate when girls try and change their personalities for guys. It sounds like Casey wanted Caylee out the way so she could be with Tony Lazarro 24/7 without being interrupted. Wow. What a mother.

    18. BadgeOfHonor1 says:

      Thank you Don!

    19. BadgeOfHonor1 says:

      There’s NO WAY that the defense is going to be able to say this was NOT premeditated, judging from what has been found in her diary, OR plead insanity because of her covering her tracks about giving excuses for the smell in the car, and making up MORE lies and excuses about where the baby was at the time Caylee was not around Casey’s friends with Casey. It’s amazing how Cindy and George AND Lee STILL stand by her instead of FINALLY MAKING her take responsibility for her actions. Sad.

    20. csdk44444 says:

      I’m so glad that that lying Padilla is finally out of the picture.

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