p3/3 – Second Police Interview of Roy Kronk – Casey / Caylee Marie Anthony

Part 3 of 3 – This is the second interview law enforcement held with Roy Kronk, the Orange County meter reader who found Caylee’s body in the woods just a short distance from the Anthony home. Mr. Kronk found Caylee’s remains on December 11, 2008. The first interview was held December 17, ’08; this interview took place January 6, ’09. Roy Kronk’s first interview can be found in Nifter Media’s YouTube videos also. It was uploaded just before this one.

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14 Responses to “p3/3 – Second Police Interview of Roy Kronk – Casey / Caylee Marie Anthony”

  1. colorfulthingz says:

    How could kronk get caylee from casey? Why would casey cover up that Kronk had caylee? Giggle So I don’t care what the exs say or why he didn’t insist something was there. If doing the right thing means your a suspect nobody is going to get involved nobody is going to call in tips. We should trust his account over hers cuz she can’t explain where she lost caylee or how or when. I’m a mother and I would know exactly. The defense is grasping at straws

  2. fenriswolf6699 says:

    Yeah, I did hear about the ex wives stories. But why did they never go to the police about those things? if someone did that to me? The police would be hauling them to hell, I would get a restraining order, the whole nine yards! There must be some kind of proof that they were actually abused, not just their word, would never hold up in court. Sorry.

  3. ImmortalUniverse says:

    i hope not , hes a fucking abuser .
    didt you hear the ex wives story?
    if you ask me
    he knew where the kid was ,because he has something to do with the case.

    even his theory on why he thought he would find the toddler there ,doesnt add up to me .
    you can only know that spot ,if you was there before.
    simple as that
    he knew she lay there .
    question is how did he know.
    and that bullshit theory of his , i dont wanna hear

  4. fenriswolf6699 says:

    Did he ever get the reward for finding Caylee? I hope so!

  5. pabsk67 says:

    Now it’s being reported that Kronk told his son one month before he “found” the skull that he found her remains and he’d be on t.v. or something to that effect. I don’t know if he’s guilty in any of this but listening to him talk he seems a bit arrogant. JMO. He’s so upset about the cop but why is it about him? His feelings about how he was treated? Seems odd to me.

  6. ewingshannon says:

    i want to see them, too. just curious what they look like! thanks for the vids.

  7. ewingshannon says:

    kronk cracks me up. and, no, he didn’t. you’re watching too much “nancy”; get a grip.

  8. 8675tree09 says:

    Roy I know now why you where so persistant I would be to if A cop did that kind of b.s. to me. You made it A personal vendeta against the cop and you did prove him wrong!!! but in the same instant you brought problems to your self and the prossecution. In all reality the truth is the truth and that will win in the end good job and persaveirence. Ihate to be called a fool and will deffend my course of actions.

  9. sirsingsalot says:

    Kronks’ girlfriend works in Corrections where Casey was held, and his brother-in-law is a bounty hunter?
    I’m still not sure yet about all this.

  10. fenriswolf6699 says:

    Kronk was trying to do the right thing and LE treated him like a moron. IF LE would have been donig their JOB instead of belittleing people like Kronk, Caylee would have been found alot sooner and Casey would now be on Death row.

  11. devodave05 says:

    Although this may be morbid, but I would like to see the crime scene photos

  12. blackoneten says:

    Could he have put Caylee in the woods?

  13. 9llNews says:

    Great upload

  14. ChameleonzDream says:

    great video.ty

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