p2/6 Amy Huizenga Police Interview – Casey / Caylee Marie Homicide Case

Part 2 of 6 – Police audio interview of Amy Huizenga, former friend of Casey Anthony. Ms. Huizenga is the person Casey Anthony stole bank checks from. After being kind enough to let Casey use her car while on vacation, Amy returned to find that Casey had stolen blank checks from the car and fraudulently cashed them, not stopping until Ms. Huizenga’s bank account was near empty. This is a very interesting interview and is very telling, not only about Casey, but Cindy Anthony also. Listen and see if you agree.

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22 Responses to “p2/6 Amy Huizenga Police Interview – Casey / Caylee Marie Homicide Case”

  1. ashleyryanful says:

    These are great!! Do you think she had some sort of mental break? Stealing checks, lying out her ass about EVERYTHING, Tony saying he was thinking of staying in New York. Kind of ridiculous.

  2. BabyGabriel129 says:

    Ok, I have a question. When Casey was questioned by police she said that while Caylee was missing she was going to Fusion to look for Zenaida because she went to Fusion alot. If Zenaida went to Fusion alot, and we know Casey went practically every night to support Tony, then how did none of her friends ever meet Zenaida. Makes no sense!

  3. fenriswolf6699 says:

    I just finished listening to Tony’s interveiw, and he said that on the 13th they went to the mall to promote his show and then to the club that night. She blew Amy off for Tony, and then killed Caylee so she could be with Tony without Caylee.

  4. donttelluseene says:

    I agree STOP the BS and lets get real… The only person that killed Caylee was Casey! I hope she gets the death sentence!

  5. toxicguy101 says:

    you said you would lie and steal to help find caylee.there was nothing in that cart for a child

  6. anitsirhceener says:

    its not about baez proving her innocence… its about the police proving her guilt.
    all baez has to do is show reasonable doubt…
    casey needs a way better lawyer than him if thats going to happen.

  7. TinkerBebe says:

    Casey reminds me of my older sister who has problems telling the truth.

    Yes Casey and Amy sound a like. Casey has no personality and copy’s the way her friends act to fit in. She’s totally fake.


  8. muhangis says:

    For reall… Ppl will just keep pushing ridiculous dumb comments and out-there theories cause they have nothing better in their life! Baez would never blame Cindy for killing Caylee! C’mon ppl.

    yeah just like Lee is Caylee’s father?? right!!! Isisa quit your lame theories

  9. sweetheart5703 says:

    Baez would NEVER say that Cindy killed Caylee, thats rediculous! Baez has a load on his plate because he keeps stating Casey is INNOCENT, how he will prove that is beyond me.

  10. isisarchist says:

    I am trying to figure out WHY Baez wants to depose Amy seems so crazy to me. The only thing I can come up with is that Amy knows about the fights btw Casey and Cindy. I think Baez is going to say Cindy killed Caylee by using all Cindy’s lies and obstructing to twist to make it seem like Cindy was covering up her crime, not Caseys.

  11. piszczeck says:

    Thanks! Good points you made!

  12. summersonset says:

    piszczeck, to add, its a bit odd. Im thinking who was copying who’s way of speaking (and knowing Casey is a chameleon taking on other peoples ways and likes and dislikes). Its exactly the same. If I didnt know it was Amy, I’d think it was Casey, yet hear the sound of her voice is a little different.

  13. summersonset says:

    wow, yes, I noticed that too!

  14. BadgeOfHonor1 says:

    Thank you Don, for all the work you do!

  15. BadgeOfHonor1 says:

    George (in his interview) acts like her little white lie about his “stroke” was such a shocking detail. He also acted like her stealing her daughters piggy bank was SO wrong, nevermind he is the one who taught his children to lie and steal. Casey saw a LOT from her parents, she also got the okie doke to act out as THEY taught her. Casey killed her daughter because she wanted to “save” her from Cindy. This family are ALL TOTALLY dysfunctional. They ALL need to be charged in this baby’s murder.

  16. NifterMedia says:

    You’re too kind – thank you. I’m having a hell of a time getting my hat on now. :-)

  17. piszczeck says:

    This girl speaks very much like Casey.

  18. daytodaylife says:

    You are just too good to us!!! :) …..don’t get a swelled head and slack off any though….lol. really though I appreciate you so much!!!!

  19. HatRatt says:

    Miscarriage with TROY as the father! Remember, with Casey there is alwasy some little truth in the event…well, maybe there was no miscarrage but maybe Troy is the father of Caylee… hmmm…how about that? Maybe?

  20. dreamerjs says:

    boy someone was impatient. I usually wait til I can see all parts. *sheesh* you rock at getting all of this up!

  21. NifterMedia says:

    An error occurred during the upload of part 1. When this happens YouTube’s uploader just moves on to the next video in queue. Luckily I was only uploading 3 at a time because I’ve had this happen before. All it means is parts 2 and 3 are being uploaded before part 1 because of the error. Big explanation for a small problem. :-)

  22. alabam5 says:

    Why is it 2 of 6? Have i missed one?

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