p2/3 – Second Police Interview of Roy Kronk – Casey / Caylee Marie Anthony

Part 2 of 3 – This is the second interview law enforcement held with Roy Kronk, the Orange County meter reader who found Caylee’s body in the woods just a short distance from the Anthony home. Mr. Kronk found Caylee’s remains on December 11, 2008. The first interview was held December 17, ’08; this interview took place January 6, ’09. Roy Kronk’s first interview can be found in Nifter Media’s YouTube videos also. It was uploaded just before this one.

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    12 Responses to “p2/3 – Second Police Interview of Roy Kronk – Casey / Caylee Marie Anthony”

    1. ImmortalUniverse says:

      what happened to your channel troll


    2. ImmortalUniverse says:

      fuck you this message was 2 months ago ,you faggot .
      im not even thinking that no more .

      and since when is is forbidden to speak my mind .

      piss off ,your the troll.

    3. Alfrunk says:

      Cops didn’t search – one of the cops got fired for it. Educate yourself before commenting you freaking idiot

    4. Alfrunk says:

      His story NEVER changed you lying sicko.

    5. Alfrunk says:

      His exes are lying you gullible moron. Stop talking shit about this man. NOTHING points to anyone but Casey. You are truly a sick piece of garbage and a troll. Illiterate moron

    6. pabsk67 says:

      I haven’t heard what happened with the cop Kronk dealt with but are you telling me cops just blew this off? Granted decomp and chloroform were in Casey’s car, so she’s busted but his story doesn’t match up 100%. He was 100% sure he sees a human skull yet doesn’t call police right away. He has no interest in the case, this wasn’t his regular route, yet he miraculously finds this skull when cops can’t. Just seems odd. But stranger things have happened. He’s got a criminal past too, scary.

    7. chibolawazooli says:

      Padilla is crazier than all of the anthonys put together! talk about zero credibility.

    8. devodave05 says:

      I think padilla has credit… seriously the guy has found a lot of people in the past…..

      As for Krunk… I believe him.

    9. swebb1989 says:

      C’mon you think Padilla has any credibility?

    10. piszczeck says:

      I’m planning to listen again and jot down a few notes so I can be specific. Maybe tonight I can get to it. Until then, I’ll just say that I see why Leonard Padilla thinks someone leaked the info about where the remains were located to Kronk, and he had to pretend to find them.

    11. swebb1989 says:

      I don’t know why you say that his story has changed. He has been consistent throughout both interviews.

    12. piszczeck says:

      Gaaaaa….. Roy Kronk is such a nut and his story changes so much, I’m beginning to think maybe he was Caylee’s father. I can’t think of anything weirder than Roy Kronk’s bogus ever-changing story. He can’t even keep it straight. I can’t wait to see what the defense makes of this meatloaf.

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