p1/8 – Tracy Mclaughlin Police Interview – Worked with Leonard Padilla (Casey Anthony)

Part 1 of 8 – The police audio interview of Tracy Mclaughlin. Ms. Mclaughlin came to Orlando with Leonard Padilla to help watch over Casey Anthony. She spent a lot of time with Casey during the period from when Mr. Padilla bonded Casey out of jail until he revoked the bail weeks later. Because of all the time Tracy Mclaughlin spent in the Anthony home she has some unique insights and personal observations about not only Casey, but the entire family.

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    25 Responses to “p1/8 – Tracy Mclaughlin Police Interview – Worked with Leonard Padilla (Casey Anthony)”

    1. MrGrevy says:

      Ahh Tracy “Giggles” McClaughlin. Casey’s fucking degenerate “friend”. Cannot believe this whore sent casey money. Disgusting.

    2. MoiselSpecky says:

      Why the hell is this woman laughing so much?? There’s nothing at all funny and she should have more respect – at least for Caylee – not to LAUGH. People are so trashy.

    3. XWoodchuckleX says:

      @fruitofspirit I always say a person’s last name fits them. She’s laughs way too much. I guess she’s nervous, but damn. We’ve all spoken to police before without laughing.

    4. XWoodchuckleX says:

      What the hell is she laughing about?

    5. alaskakiska says:

      you know i always felt strong about frying casey with what she did to her child , But i would be wrong if i did not agree with what cindy anthony had made of a mess with casey , what that woman has done and as we have seen on the news and off in interviews , i think casey did the worse thing ever a mom could do , but after watching and listing to all the interviews , and seeing Cindy Anthony , i can see how this woman spun all that would be the end of the begaining , , so so sad

    6. lehanh1648 says:


      Yay for you, now celebrate by opening that bottle of gourmet toilet water that you were saving for a special occasion.

    7. danthehempsmog says:

      @RandiSierra Casey, shit on my face!!!!!

    8. danthehempsmog says:

      Sweet potata pie abd I take a shit!!!! CASEY FOREVER!!!!!

    9. MrGrevy says:

      @lehanh1648 Say what you want, but I…WAS…RIIIIGHT!!1!!!11

    10. lehanh1648 says:

      @MrGrevy It feels like pity, for you.

    11. MrGrevy says:

      @lehanh1648 I was right! Yes! I finally won one…freaking SWEEEEET!!!! Goofy retarded turd you were wrong buddy. How’s it feel? Can you feel it? Can you FEEEEL IT!!! YEAH

    12. lehanh1648 says:

      @MrGrevy Who the fuck cares? It doesn’t kill me to be wrong.

      Anyway, she did support Casey for a time because she thought that Caylee alive. But she’s a bounty hunter, she’s dealt with people like this before and she isn’t retarded. You’re the idiot that’s muddying the waters with your pathetic gloating. Why don’t you go hang yourself, you worthless fucking asshole?

      I hate Casey and her lying family, not everyone who’s ever said a kind word about her at some time in her life.

    13. MrGrevy says:

      @lehanh1648 Well, how does it feel to be completely WRONG?? Tracy is now a casey supporter you ignorant turd. She sent her letters praising her and telling her she is strong and she admires her and she wants to help her. Idiots like you do nothing but muddy the waters when we’re trying to expose these evil idiots. Shame on you turd.

    14. MrGrevy says:

      This bitch tracy is a casey supporter. She sent her a letter praising her strength and how wonderful she is. Tracy is NOT a good person and I hope she is exposed for what she is.

    15. Alfrunk says:

      lol at the shot of disbarred, disgraced, lying, gambling addict Todd macaluso. Hope he enjoys his obscurity. Disgusting, bullying piece of garbage.

    16. lostindiancamp says:

      Tracy is laughing so much. I don’t know if it is just her way, she finds it all funny or she is nervous.

    17. RandiSierra says:

      Well she was a worker so part of her job was to make Casey feel comfortable, and try to build trust if she could so MAYBE poor little Caylee could be found. Linda Tripp is a different case.

    18. irishamrep says:

      Tracy Mc Laugh lin
      cant seem to help herself…I think she is just amazed at that crazy Casey and her antics!

    19. kendra070707 says:

      Why is tracy laughing all thetime?????

    20. fruitofspirit says:

      Her laughter is distracting & out of place, but it just seems like nerves. I’d be nervous, too, if I had to babysit Psycho & tell cops about it.

      Sorry – no love for Casey Anthony.


    21. karenmorland says:

      Sound to me like Tracy seems to be not taking this seriously either”

    22. Hhaze says:

      This interview was sworn testimony. Was she supposed to get caught in a thousand lame, obvious lies like Casey’s crazy parents? Why does everyone think she was Casey’s friend and she betrayed her? She was there to make sure Casey didn’t kill herself and she was there because she originally thought Caylee was alive and she wanted to find Caylee.

    23. ilovecindyanthony says:

      I agree, I don’t think we should care about her nervous laugh… But I judge her because she judges Casey. What kind of friend is she?? Why was she even in the house? She’s worse than Linda Tripp.

    24. lehanh1648 says:

      Okay, why are you all judging her so harshly?

      I’m so sure none of you have ever laughed at any of the ridiculous bullshit Casey and her nutcase family have spewed, UNDER OATH no less, or made videos mocking the anthonys.

      And where did she laugh? When she said she was expecting Casey to be upset and Casey acted like she was home on spring break and Baez had to yell at her repeatedly to shut her trap.

      It’s easy to throw stones when you’re on the receiving end of the media. Get a life.

    25. buhbyecasey says:

      This gal and Lee Anthony should have an “innapropriate laughter” contest.

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