p1/3 – Second Police Interview of Roy Kronk – Casey / Caylee Marie Anthony

Part 1 of 3 – This is the second interview law enforcement held with Roy Kronk, the Orange County meter reader who found Caylee’s body in the woods just a short distance from the Anthony home. Mr. Kronk found Caylee’s remains on December 11, 2008. The first interview was held December 17, ’08; this interview took place January 6, ’09. Roy Kronk’s first interview can be found in Nifter Media’s YouTube videos also. It was uploaded just before this one.

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10 Responses to “p1/3 – Second Police Interview of Roy Kronk – Casey / Caylee Marie Anthony”

  1. danthehempsmog says:

    @LadyMcHOLDEM Hopefully, someone kills sierra1947with a spon lodged up her 100 yr old twat.

  2. danthehempsmog says:

    @HatRatt Sierra1947 is a senile old cunt.

  3. pabsk67 says:

    Kronk seems a bit conceited to me. First he says the cop said he was an idiot then he claims he didn’t actually tell him that but it was his impression. He let his impression get in his way of solving a crime?? He says he saw a white thing in the swamp, I thought he picked up a bag an a skull came out? Was that later? One time the skull is floating freely and the other time it’s in a bag? Plus he thinks he sees her skull yet he goes home to cook for his girlfriend instead of calling cops ?

  4. kimber202 says:

    I think Casey has told George and Cindy that Caylee accidently drowned in the pool. They are clearly covering for her, yet devastated at the same time. I think Casey told them this once the body was found, said she was afraid to tell them before knowing it would kill them and they already believed her to be a bad mother..how could she have fessed up (in her world)?

  5. 8675tree09 says:

    Kronk why do you need a lawyer??? To my expeirence you only need a lawqyer when your in trouble or you hit the lottery??? I realise you had A dumb cop that didnt do his job and that explains the reason you called again but it will all be explained in court and you will be redeamed so why the lawyer???

  6. HatRatt says:

    An idiot, hu?,,,, Well, huh! Look at who is the real idiot! Sheriff IDIOT CRANE!

  7. LadyMcHOLDEM says:

    I owe, I owe, Off to Death Row I go.
    The Anthonys are all above the law.
    Casey was a good mother, the daughter a dad would love to have. Casey does not lie or steal. Jesse did it, The Nanny did it,
    Casey is a hero, she is protecting her family. The police lied to us & so did Oprah. It’s the media’s fault. J.Morgan’s a bastard, Leonard P lied, the P.I.’s lied.
    Casey is our daughter, we will stand by her no matter what. It does not matter if she killed Cayle because she is our daughter.

  8. devodave05 says:

    go krunk!

    go krunk!

    go krunk!

    woop woop!

  9. swebb1989 says:

    Kronk should be an FBI agent. His theory was right on!

  10. moxie3672 says:

    Chilling listening to him talk about decay while watching Caylee dance around in the video.

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