Our collection of edged weapons

Upon request I decided to make a video on Cara’s and my weapon collection. We are both weapon enthusiasts; Cara likes pragmatic, efficient tools and weapons in particular, while I’m a sucker for anything unusual or exotic. To us, weapons are many things, they are symbols of freedom and self-determination, they are practical tools, and they can be works of art.

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25 Responses to “Our collection of edged weapons”

  1. KennKennith says:

    @SkallagrimNilsson Well, i’m not really much help from there. and i just found out that i bought the last freaking one of the model 42!

  2. SkallagrimNilsson says:

    Well, if you can tell how to get a Green Card just like that… =)

  3. KennKennith says:

    @SkallagrimNilsson you should move out of europe and live here. just this morning i found a website that sells the benchmade model 42 balisongs

  4. SkallagrimNilsson says:

    Yes, I know. Unfortunately balisongs are illegal in Europe as well. I don’t know a single European country in which they are legal, which is a shame.

  5. KennKennith says:

    @SkallagrimNilsson yea, before i was looking at the emerson karambit, i was checking out the model 42 benchmade balisong. i’m pretty bummed out that they discontinued them because i have this compulsive buying habit. right now i’m quite hellbent on finding that particular model on sale. if you didnt know, balisongs are also called butterfly knives. they are discontinued and are made illegal in much of the US except Pennsylvania, where i reside. i’m a total sucker for quality and expensive knives

  6. SkallagrimNilsson says:

    Yes, I would love to get an Emerson karambit. I’d need to save up some money first…

  7. KennKennith says:

    You have an interesting assortment of blades. My question is, would you consider getting a knife from emerson?

  8. SkallagrimNilsson says:

    Nope, no license necessary for these weapons. This is not the UK…

    Firearms however require membership in a shooting club, safety course, and license for every single gun.

  9. godak says:

    So what’s the deal with Norway, do you have to have a license to own any of this stuff or your guns?

  10. SupremeAmerican says:

    @CaraDanaellea The American race comes in many differrent colors and creeds, what seperates us is that God sent aliens to our government, to flouridate our water and give us super powers. Skalli is an alien, he is cloaked as an outrageous european, but will soon reveal his true identity and take over the world.

  11. CaraDanaellea says:

    @SupremeAmerican Supreme race, my ass. Your as Caucasian as the rest of your EUROPEAN ancestry. And let’s not even get started about the topic that human races have no biological foundation whatsoever. It’s a political term.

    And just to make it sting, if Skall is your Messiah: He also thinks that race is as arbitrary, obsolete and useless as nationality ;D

  12. SupremeAmerican says:

    @CaraDanaellea I am an American, i have highly evolved sensory hairs that repair themselves over time. You should move to America and join me in the supreme race. Skalli is our messiah.

  13. LaCosaNostra132 says:

    @CaraDanaellea OH no no no :D I understand were your coming from. I have spent many years teaching myself about Western Civilization, and then I took it for many years in college. Yes of course large Empires did things like that, its just after studying the Greeks, I realized they didnt make their weapons out of a material like human bone. When they would hunt for food or kill their live stock for food, they would keep the bone for the sword materials. but I get what you mean :)

  14. CaraDanaellea says:

    @LaCosaNostra132 Advanced empires don’t have spiritual beliefs then? Hm, tell that to the Romans who consulted chicken oracles before battles ;)
    Anyway, my point was merely that I see no problem (law aside) with human bone as material and I came up with a “nice” back up story. Of course, bone is bone in the end since everything with bones is an animal, only different species. So what it boils down to is the different characteristics of the bones of different species which are diff. from wood.

  15. CaraDanaellea says:

    @SupremeAmerican When was the last time you let a doctor check how much hearing percent you really have? Hearing loss is a continuous process unless it really is extreme.

  16. SupremeAmerican says:

    @CaraDanaellea Oh bah humbug, i go trap shooting all the time without ear protection and i can hear just fine

  17. LaCosaNostra132 says:

    @CaraDanaellea True, that is one way of looking at it, but then again, in hoistorical times they could have hunted the animals for their bone to use in weapon production. I heard they used wood sometimes, but with temperature and weather, the wood expands and changes shape. I dont know if bone does that. If not, thats why they did that. Your philosophy could be right, but it sounds like someting a tribe of some sort would do and not an advanced empire, but it is possible.

  18. CaraDanaellea says:

    @LaCosaNostra132 Sounds like a really nice piece of work. And what would be so bad about the bone being from a human? It would only be fitting for a weapon since humans are what it was made to be used against.
    If the bone is from another animal than that would indicate a hunting weapon since it would already have carried death to one of those… but that is of course only my philosophical viewpoint, or is it? ;)

  19. CaraDanaellea says:

    @SupremeAmerican As long as you understand that I and a sniper rifle would be one…
    but I’d take the shotgun as well ;D Just not as primary choice, a deaf warrior is only half as efficient and shotguns have a bad reputation for being ear damaging. Or do you take the time to put on hearing protection when defending yourself in an emergency? *grin*

  20. CaraDanaellea says:

    @SupremeAmerican *draws breath* If you ever again say something this chauvinistic I will have to demonstrate that this is OUR weapon collection and I am not the weak female doing the kitchen work while her strong man is taking on the dangers.
    As a matter of fact, in Skall’s and my emergency plans it is clearly stated that I am to take command in any armed/violent situations because I have the tactical mind and authority. We always joke, I am the general while he is my soldier… *smiles*

  21. SupremeAmerican says:

    @CaraDanaellea You better be feeding Skallagrim very well. We need him healthy when it is time to annihilate the aliens. He will be our bearded charismatic leader with an accent of authority and sexy suave.

  22. SupremeAmerican says:

    @tetsubo57 Tell her that unless she is prepared to kill a rabbit or murdering rapist burglar with her female fists of furey then she needs to understand that a man and his shotgun are one.

  23. SkallagrimNilsson says:

    I got it from traditionalfilipinoweapons . com

  24. WolfgangNightshadow says:

    where did you get the saw tooth stick? it looks interesting…

  25. LaCosaNostra132 says:

    @CaraDanaellea HAHAHA same here! I always thought it was kinda wierd, but even though I have many edged weapons, I have only 1 sword that am also sort of spiritualy attached to. Its my 24 inch greek xiphos made by manning imperial in Australia. It cost about as much as an albion but the blade it made of Iron, and the hilt is a sandwiched construction of Iron and Bone. Not sure what animal though. Hopefully not a person :D If I’ve got floating objects in my room at night ill know it was aperson:D

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