Oral Board Exam – Commonly asked police interview questions

www.PoliceOralBoard.info Learn how to pass the oral board interview by getting a list of the top 100 most commonly asked police interview questions and answers. For more details visit www.policeoralboard.info

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8 Responses to “Oral Board Exam – Commonly asked police interview questions”

  1. brindlebriar says:

    So if you’re wrong it’s better to stick to your guns and keep being wrong than to become right. This is why peopl hate and do not trust the police, and rightly so. The test creators, admisistrators, evaluators, guide givers, and takers all lack basic moral judgement. Even in this fictional mock interview scenario they couldn’t make up a police officer candidate giving decent answers. I can only assume they don’t know what a decent answer would be. This video is truly revolting and sickening

  2. emello4you says:

    He made a bad choice with answers but I like how he stuck with his answer strongly. That will give you more of the benefit of the doubt rather than agreeing that your wrong. What some people dont realise is you can get real nervous during these interviews and choose answers that you dont really mean to choose. This is alot harder than it really looks.

  3. WindPhilosopher says:

    I believe although his decision was a little lacking, it was completely honest. I wouldn’t answer the same way myself, however the fact that he stuck to his answer is a good thing judging from what I’ve looked up.

  4. PFAT82 says:

    Stick to your guns. Lack of confidence is worse than being wrong.

  5. 09SeniorProject says:

    Major Fail!

  6. bigdaddyquey says:

    great answer!

  7. bthomas11986 says:

    UBERFAIL! Dude seriously, you failed majorly. I know this isn’t real but damn dude. REPORT THE GUY, whether it means you lose a friend or are viewed as a narc it still shows you are out to protect people.

  8. KarthurJ says:

    lmao… REPORT the cop , don’t give him the benefit of the doubt.

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