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OKM with Aaron Elbaze

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24 Responses to “operational krav-maga”

  1. rush1er says:

    I used to take Krav Maga and it is hands down the absolute best form of self defense out there. It teaches you to end the fight as quickly as possible.( eye gouge, throat chop, nut shot) Basically: Take away a mans sight, he can not fight. Take away a mans breathing, he can’t fight. Take away a mans legs, he can not fight. I recommend Krav Maga to ANY1 out there.

  2. kravsystems says:

    Hmm. Not bad but why is it called Operational Krav Maga? Isn’t all KM operational. Oh and another thing. Why isn’t the instructor scanning the area and escaping after? This is KM out of date by about 15 years.

  3. krvmg says:

    One of the best KM movies i’ve seen so far.

  4. sonnych69 says:

    at 1.33 the bang at range would of left that guy death and the burn from the muzzle would of burn his hand and he would of let go

  5. Edalb123 says:

    I’m not saying it couldn’t get you into trouble, i’m just saying that if the situation calls for it, eliminating the person might be the only option. Imagine that you and your family or loved ones are ambushed by people who want to hurt you severely or kill you and the only way to get to them is to elimate the person that is in the way to get to your family/loved ones.

  6. Brizraen says:

    Well… It seems more justified if the guy had a gun and pointed at you, and you had a gun and shot him before he could get you. Something as point blank as snapping someone’s neck (you either have to catch them by surprise or neutralize them) could get you prison time. I could see the use of that in some situations where it shouldn’t get you into any trouble (mainly military.) Otherwise, I doubt that you should use it at all…. This type of stuff isn’t taught to civilians for a reason.

  7. Poe1505 says:

    im thinking this is more based around what military is taught

  8. Poe1505 says:

    i would say if someone is trying to kill you, defending yourself is not a crime, even if you kill them, you were saving your own life.

  9. Edalb123 says:

    Aren’t neck breaks justified if the person is trying to kill you? I mean, what if there were multiple guys trying to kill you and you had to stop them permanently some how?

  10. bodisatva75 says:

    dunno what its like in your country, but do any of these neck breaks and your future is JAIL. (if you get caught of cors)

  11. Edalb123 says:

    This looks awesome. I hope I could learn it some day :)

  12. lexagon says:

    it’s more aggressive whereas normal KM is mainly defensive. In normal KM the opponent has the initiative whereas in OKM the practitioner has the option of attacking and completely neutralizing (i.e. killing) the other guy.

  13. Edalb123 says:

    It looks really good. I just wish the website had the option to view in English :(

  14. plemyk says:

    Are the sound effects part of the system!!

  15. markusx2468 says:

    what seperates OKM from regular KM?

  16. lexagon says:

    Isn’t teaching those finishing moves illegal in most countries? At least that’s what our KM-instructor said… not that it wouldn’t kick ass to study under Elbaze ;)

  17. badger0987 says:

    lol dont try and copy anything because with out a professional instructor you wont learn in and when you try 2 use it on sum1 it will go wrong

  18. RaginRussian says:

    I need to remember the handcuff one lol

  19. RaginRussian says:

    I need to remember the hand cuff one lol

  20. underyourbed666 says:

    Finally! a krav maga vid in slow motion, thanks dude, you rock! and keep up the good work

  21. blackcat79 says:

    very handsome man..yummy!

  22. Caboose99 says:

    Ow if it was for real i dont think the attacker would be very happy, or alive, thanks to those neck breaks

  23. ashigaru38 says:

    Thank You.
    I really think that OKM is the best Krav-Maga.

  24. TheGrowler says:

    Very good video of Krav Maga, i like it

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