Omar Khadr interrogation

Canadian Teen and Child Soldier Omar Khadr faces interrogation at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). Khadr chants in haunting voice Then Khadr begins sobbing with his head in both his hands, chanting over and over again in a haunting voice. His words are difficult to hear, and at first could be taken for “Kill me” or “Help me.” However, Arabic speakers working at say the teenager appears to be keening “Ya ummi,” which is Arabic for “My mother.” (Asked about it after the video was released, Khadr lawyer Nathan Whitling told reporters: “Your guess is as good as mine.”)

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26 Responses to “Omar Khadr interrogation”

  1. Diane1976 says:

    Khadr did not “leave Canada to join the Jihad”. He was raised mainly in Pakistan then Afghanistan, where his parents lived most of the time.

    He is not responsible for what his family did or said. He is the one on trial and he is not personally even charged with involvement in terrorism or with anything that is a war crime under international law.

    Not wearing a uniform makes your status as a POW questionable under Geneva, but it does not make you automatically guilty of a war crime just for fighting in the war, especially when a foreign military invades the country in which you are living. That’s the claim of the prosecution. 3 military judges have decided otherwise in other Gtmo cases.

    Khadr became involved in the war in the summer of 2002 because his father sent him on a mission with a Lybian faction and he ended up in a fire fight with the US military two months later. Evidence that he even threw the grenade that killed the soldier is also highly contradictory and questionable, if not implausible.

    Khadr absolutely was entitled to be returned to Canada for rehabilitation under the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on children in armed conflict (so called “Child Soldier law). It applies to anybody in any armed conflict, under 18, volunteer or recruited. US and Canada are both signatories. The US normally applies it and we in Canada apply and promote it.

    Not one official who encountered Khadr in Gtmo claimed he was irrevocably committed to “Jihad” at the age of 15, or since. Just the opposite. Now that he’s been illegally locked up with adult detainees for years, and given the way detainees were treated in the early years, nobody knows what his situation is. But he deserves whatever chance he might have left, consistent with security requirements.

    We in democratic countries do not normally treat people the way the Taliban does. So far, shooting him might have been more humane. At this point our Canadian government is probably more responsible for this injustice than the American Administration given the changed circumstances including relevant US and Canadian Supreme Court decisions.

  2. willbond says:

    He was old enough to play with IEDs? Old enough to leave Canada to go play Jihadi in a war zone, without a uniform, so the Taliban can keep women burkha’d and illiterate? Then he’s old enough to get shot and be taken prisoner. He and his whole family are Al Quaeda. Maybe they should let his Momma explain the concept of Martyrdom to him one more time.

    Point: His head is still attached. The Taliban is not so nice.

  3. Chriseycarlyeah324 says:

    well if Omar Khadr was not a terrorists with hated of America he certainly will be now.

  4. cvcdgftr7676545 says:

    he just wants to be martyred so he can get his 70 something virgins.

  5. nurnburg1 says:

    Keep the fool there for the next 20 years.

  6. thenewrapstyle says:

    one tree, one noose, one less douche nozzle. this kid is a piece of human garbage

  7. Coolins335 says:

    @XCosaNostra, Omar Khadr does not classify as a Child Soldier as he was 15 and a Child Soldier are those 14 and younger, what other bullshit have you got?

    I mean at the time of his capture the age of consent in this country was 14, are you saying Omar wasn’t old enough to make his own decisions but was considered by the state to be old enough to have sex? Pretending he was an innocent little child does not make it so.

  8. Coolins335 says:

    @bishop102, I think you should ad an addendum to your first sentence, here let me fix it for you to reflect REALITY.

    “This should be a warning for any immigrant or Canadian born from foreign parents TO NOT TAKE UP TERRORISM AGAINST A NATO ALLY. If you choose to ignore this warning, the government which you’ve waged war against, has no obligation to help you once you face the consequences of your actions.”

    There you go

  9. Coolins335 says:

    @Thanato26, lets see if you can find your assertion in the actual charter,

    Article 77.2 of the Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts, adopted in 1977:

    The Parties to the conflict shall take all feasible measures in order that children who have not attained the age of fifteen years do not take a direct part in hostilities

    Omar was a volunteer, not a child soldier.

  10. gittianimeluver07 says:

    @JohnyKimbled your a retard, go look up the case, and dont say things on topics you dont understand

  11. fernmatic says:

    I hope US murderers get the same treatment – they killed this kids mind thru torture and solitary confinement.

  12. stalingrad66 says:

    The problem is that even the USA doesn’t want him. So if they send him back to the canadian border, we will have no choice to take him. And the canadian supreme court has already ruled that his rights have been violated.

    Omar Khadr will sue the canadian government. The case is already won, he will become a multi-millionaire and we will have to pay for it.
    Thank you Mr. Harper !

  13. snoopy3600 says:

    even if he does get back here he will be shot within one minute of his arrival

  14. JohnyKimbled says:

    I hope he dies in Gitmo. Horribly.

  15. boondocksaint1968 says:

    Pity he got shot in the back a head shot would of been so much better .

    I for one do not want this scum back in Canada so he can become a human bomb and blow someone I love up .

    I hope he gets life in an American prison so the other people in prison will kill this piece of shit .

  16. bishop102 says:

    Regardless, this kid was doing some stupid fucked up shit. From the pics I have seen, planting land mines and building bombs. What did he expect.

  17. bishop102 says:

    This should be a warning for any immigrant or Canadian born from foreign parents, that you are considered worthless and dispensable to the government, and when the time comes they will abandon you to please their American superiors. Yet, they still want us to be loyal to the queen.

  18. howie1962 says:

    if he spent most of his life in Afganastan then Gitmo is an upgrade.
    A brief visit to T.O. is enough he doesn’t need to come back to Canada

  19. kamster99 says:

    He moved with his family to Afghanistan at the age of 10, and with the exception of a brief visit to Toronto in like 2001 he remained either there or in pakistan ever since.

    The family isn’t under trial here, he is. Clearly at the age of 10 he didn’t have a choice to go Afghanistan. I somehow doubt he any choice when it came to weapons training.

    The US military still hasn’t been able to prove he even threw that grenade after 7 years…

  20. thecoolguynamedal says:

    Omar Khader is a moron and we dont want him back in Canada

  21. BC150YEARS says:

    I have seen more harsh tgreatment to grade 2 students who go the strap in the 1960′s…..dont empathise with this killer or would b e killer. Blame his parents for allowing him to become like this..not the Canadian government for abandoning him.

  22. Thanato26 says:

    Evil people were not born evil. They were taught to be evil and brought up in an evil enviroment.


  23. howie1962 says:

    no. I believe evil people r evil people
    I don’t think his father forced him
    The family only regret is that he got caught & nothing else

  24. Thanato26 says:

    He went their with his father. I do not know the reasons around why he went their perhaps his father forced him.

    Do you believe all Muslims are evil people?


  25. howie1962 says:

    he was 15, so why wasn’t he in school in Toronto? that’s some accident to get from Toronto to a war zone in Afgnstn, that must happen to alot of people, he must of got on the wrong bus on Yonge street

  26. Thanato26 says:

    He was 15 years old when he allegedly killed a US Special Operation Section Commander (not a medic). No one saw him throw the grenade.

    At the age of 15 that would make him a Child Soldier and by holding him the US is breaking international Law, as well as their own national law.


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