Oath Keeper Sheriff Richard Mack

sheriffmack.com oathkeepers.org Oath Keeper Sheriff Richard Mack interview after Oath Keepers muster on Lexington Green, April 19,2009.

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25 Responses to “Oath Keeper Sheriff Richard Mack”

  1. dgl1962 says:

    @ktbear02 It’s good to hear that current & former police are sympathetic with and devoted to the concepts of the oathkeepers,for it will be the police and military who become the catalyst towards tyranny by collecting the peoples guns (among other violations).

  2. dgl1962 says:

    Want to know how you can tell if you’re on the right track to maintaining our liberties?,just watch how Zionists within the ADL and SPLC call you a “terrorist” or “racist” organization.
    That’s all the confirmation that you need.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. smacism says:

    Im just a big Texas Redneck. I dont even like Law enforcement. Matter of a fact I hate Law Enforcement!
    With that said, i’ll stand in front, behind, or to the side of Mr. Mack! He is the example of good Law Enforcement! He is the order that needs to be restored!
    Cops that dont agree with Mr. Mack are good for nothing scum!
    Thank you for your service Mr. Mack, you are a credit to your profession.

  4. whoiga says:

    @TheHylander1314 Yes, and I was aware of that before I commented. The 1st amendment text *is* that wall. It is indeed only a metaphor, but a very important one. That wall of separation prevents theocracy & protects the freedoms of and freedoms from religion. Whether someone is a believer or not, everyone wins with secular governance.

  5. TheHylander1314 says:

    @whoiga The 1st Amendment doesn’t say anything about a wall of seperation between church and state. It does state however, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, orprohibiting the free exercise thereof” The wall of seperation between church and state was in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists.

  6. whoiga says:

    I love the constitution, but like other special interest groups, it seems as though the Oath Keepers are only interested in defending the portions of it they agree with. How often do the Oath Keepers enter litigation with municipalities, states, or the federal government when they overstep the first amendment’s wall of separation between church & state by establishing or respecting a religious establishment? The 10 orders Oath Keepers won’t follow are likely to never be issued anyway.

  7. aethercoil says:

    @ktbear02 oohrah! i bear all those same flags brother. just learned of sheriff mack and read the sup. court decision delivered by justice scalia. happy to learn of this movement to inform sheriffs of their authority. side note, in reading the decision, did anyone besides me perceive justice scalia’s citation and interpretation of “the Act of August 3, 1882, ch. 376, §§2, 4, 22 Stat. 214″, to be a defense of the position taken by the arizona legislature in enforcing immigration law? bonus!

  8. Keyo717 says:

    Another nut!

  9. chromedaffodils says:

    Oath Keepers ROCK!

  10. zyou8er says:


  11. zyou8er says:

    @alvisc2002 Because Muslims/arabs are paying off people to teach about islam rather then the constitution.

  12. zyou8er says:

    @ktbear02 Thanks for your serive, but got a question for you. Do you believe barry soetoro i mean obama was born in usa?

  13. Benny4658 says:

    Everyone should see this video.

  14. 500passwords says:

    thanks for making this video . its the truth .
    we need more guys like you .

  15. 473009723 says:

    Supreme Court Research: Downes v Bidwell, Hooven & Allison Co. v. Evatt,

    With US Code:
    TITLE 28 > PART VI > CHAPTER 176 > SUBCHAPTER A > § 3002. Definitions
    (14) State means any of the several States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, or any territory or possession of the United States.
    (15) United States means—
    (A) a Federal corporation;

    14th Amendment: “Persons”

    The above & more means


  16. Pmtmr says:

    @alvisc2002 The hardest thing of all is they make sure the most corrupt people are raised to the highest ranks. What do you do when your superiors are raping and killing children!
    These people are completely above the law! In my opinion we have an obligation to ourselves, our children, our communities, our nation, our planet and our “constitution” to remove these monsters from the scene! Permanently!

  17. Pmtmr says:

    @alvisc2002 That’s true but they have powerful weapons at their disposal. First they use a combination of threats and bribes, that is powerful as it is. Then they also use a lot of psychological manipulation, such as most American’s are taught that its OK to drop white phosphorus and deplete uranium on our so called enemies in Iraq but its horrible to kill the real enemies in this country who are destroying this nation and everything we believe in!

  18. alvisc2002 says:

    why not TEACH the constitution to children in schools.

  19. alvisc2002 says:

    @Pmtmr it will grow. because evil people are a minority. people like you me and this guy are the majority.

  20. ylism says:

    As long as there are real Sheriff’s who will uphold the constitution & Bill of rights. There will be soldiers hunters & people in gennereal to watch there backs. yl

  21. TheManWithTVEyes says:

    There ought to be a law that forbids normal men from marrying homosexual ones!

  22. badattitude77769 says:

    I will never forget my friend up in Methford, Oregon, back from Iraq. He said they went house to hours and took away the peoples guns, the people asked them in for breakfast, but then the people were bombed into the stone age because saddam flew airplanes into the World Trade Center, yeah right. The evil done against the innocent children is horrendous, for pictures of some of the ones who are responsible, please search: :signs of satan”.

  23. badattitude77769 says:

    It has nothing to do about democrats and republicans, all of the other people trying to save our country are shut out, the green party is awesome, they do not take corporate donations, not bought and paid for bey evil corporations who are against all that is good. People are number one, you and your family are numer one, not korporate america, look outside the box, go for those who stand up for people worldwide.

  24. badattitude77769 says:

    The sheriffs need to stand up against the local corrupt politicians and those that are involved in the drugs must be held accountable for what they are doing, help the american people take back our country.

  25. badattitude77769 says:

    Our bought and paid for politicians, not against those who do standup for the american people and all that is just and of the constitution, need to learn that korporate americka, is one of the bush legacies, fatherland, homeland, kiss my ass, the constitution of the united states of america is one of the most awesome documents created to protect the people.

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