Monty Python – Self Defence

John Cleese gives self defence training. How to protect yourself from someone attacking you with fresh fruit, passion fruit, oranges, apples, grapefruit, lemons, mangos, cherries and… a banana!

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    18 Responses to “Monty Python – Self Defence”

    1. ninuxy says:

      God they are so lame.

    2. velveetaslingshot says:

      “Suppose he’s got a bunch?”
      “Suppose he’s got a poin-ted stick?”

    3. SilberNachtstern says:

      Next…I eat the banana. XD

    4. kissmyglitter says:

      “…and mangoes in syrup!” XD

    5. ddd1600 says:


    6. skh97 says:

      love it

    7. freestylefurby says:

      lol what if someone attacks us with a point-ed stick

    8. Desikus says:


    9. PokemonxFanxGirl says:

      Banaanas! We havent done banaanas have we!
      lol at 0:15

    10. buddatobi says:

      never bring a gun to a banana fight

    11. buddatobi says:

      never bring a banna to a gun fight

    12. EvilHorseProductions says:

      john cleese is awesome in this one :D

    13. nukelex says:

      Guns < Bananas

    14. gordonp34 says:

      The little jump/skip too much LMFAO

    15. bubblegumtwix says:

      “I can see that what’s the MATTER WITH ‘EM?!” Lol!

    16. Zaywex says:

      dear god yes

    17. 1165292 says:


      long comment!

    18. ShadyKitsune19 says:

      Guns > Bananas

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