Mixed Krav Maga with Israeli Ju-Jitsu by Roy Elghanayan_www.KravMgaLA.com_310-650-0060

www.KravMagaLA.com Call 310-650-0060 Witness Roy Elghanayan, Israeli Special Forces top Krav Maga instructor, demonstrate his expertise in Krav Maga and Israeli Ju-Jitsu to his entire unit of elite soldiers in training and the highest ranked military personnel. Roy Elghanayan trains in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, Hollywood and Culver City. To Contact us: 310.650.0060 www.KravMagaLA.com

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26 Responses to “Mixed Krav Maga with Israeli Ju-Jitsu by Roy Elghanayan_www.KravMgaLA.com_310-650-0060”

  1. Karla says:

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  2. xlaym says:

    2 things i know for sure:
    1) krav maga is disigned to kill and defend yourself only
    2) the best way to defend yourself is to not start a fight, thats what every good martial arts teacher should teach u first.

  3. Amstaff1983 says:

    good demo

  4. pedro90 says:

    ok in my opinion the jiu jutsu and krav maga are good, except for the weapons. guys dont just pull out guns and hold them there. they shoot, especially if you just beat half there men up.

  5. pedro90 says:

    @Mider999 completetly agreed. ive heard about the zetas, not the people you want to fuck with in the least.

  6. kitchenknifeset says:

    @bleedfingers its showing techniques taught and practiced not how hard one can hit cuz when it comes down to strength wits and speed will always overcome

  7. Mider999 says:

    @BDubz17 What the hell are you talking about i live in Texas this is a hot as hell state and in my city we have the worst gang in the world Los Zetas look em up they make the mexican mafia and aryan brotherhood and even in my view the mafia they make all those guys look like NOBODY. I grew up around gangsters and thugs. I didnt get my ass kicked because i didnt run around starting crap with people

  8. BDubz17 says:

    @Mider999 well you live in a rich area native will stomp u like the powow

  9. whiteasasheet says:

    @bleedinfingers wake up mate mma is a sport not real life street game last place you want to be is on the floor on the street someone will pull your eyes out or first of all one good slap in the throat should see most mma fighters off

  10. TJComer02 says:

    @bleedinfingers Yes it is, but i’ve yet to see a “MMA martial artist” be able to fight on the streets, of course, karate, taekwondo, and all the other martial arts don’t work either, but, the entire reason behind “self defense” not working anymore is because everything has been turned into a sport. Certain schools of Krav Maga are pure and focus on real world effectiveness.

  11. xSharktastic says:

    @bleedinfingers Yeah it would make sense to actually use broken bottles and break bones in a demo which is being watched by kids.
    This is a military martial art, I’m pretty this shit works otherwise it wouldn’t be used.

  12. SargentoArmani says:

    motherf”’ palestines watch out for jews.
    they are gonna kick ur asses.

  13. Mider999 says:

    @bleedinfingers Why dont you all just go do that int he streets since you think your so tough. why do you need it aired on TV? sounds like your just a buncha greedy fuckers

  14. Mider999 says:

    @bleedinfingers Thats bull. You want as real as it gets? go to the Dog Brothers gatherings, they allow sticks, staffs, knife fighting the knifes are fake but still. Then they also allow very vicious fighting, shots to the head to the balls i think anywere you can get hit gets hit in some of these rounds. You dont know nothing man even the MMA masters like the Gracies and Machadoes admit that the ground fighting method isnt practical all the time and they say they rather fight standing up

  15. Mider999 says:

    @bleedinfingers BULLSHIT you want as real as it gets? Go to the dog brothers gatherings.

  16. bleedinfingers says:

    @Mider999 until there are fighting championships involving broken glass or 3 on 1 fights, MMA STILL is the closest thing to real life. Much closer than this rehearsed demonstration we just watched

  17. xXxNightMareZ says:

    @Mider999 MMA is set up

  18. Mider999 says:

    MMA guys say the dumbest things some guy told me MMA IS THE CLOEST THING TO REA LIFE. im like yeah thats why there are multiple guys in real life sure there is no art that teaches you how to beat up 3 guys, but they can still teach you how to stay alive and run the hell away, some people probably can beat 3 guys if there skilled and fast enough which is RARE. in the UFC they dont have broken glass or guns so how is it most realistic?

  19. Mider999 says:

    @getsome1516 Oh by the way just cause you can kick someones butt doesnt mean they will let you in the UFC. in the old days they would let almost anything go yet they didnt let the Dog Brothers in and the Dog Brothers are still looked upon respectfully by MMA. You think the UFC is gonna let its guys fight against Kali men who can arm wrench you and break your arm or eye gouge them and then elbow them? Or headbut them?

  20. Mider999 says:

    @getsome1516 And its Isreali Jiu Jittsu how would you know what it is or isnt, there are so many techniques and arts in chinese and japanese martial arts that you could mistake it for kali and other stuff. I saw a Chinese Kenpo guy doing an arm wrench i thought only Kali guys did that i was wrong,

  21. Mider999 says:

    @getsome1516 Dude what is it with you guys and the UFC. Not everyone is greedy and wants to be in the damn UFC. Not everyone cares about that crap. And guess what BJJ is not the best art there is. Why? because even the masters of BJJ say that you should cross train, Some MMA guys said oh yeah wing chun is a joke, yet Samual Kwok a wing chun master was friends with Carlson Gracie.

  22. getsome1516 says:

    this is not jj in any form. its a hybrid of many different things including Kali hapkido and several other martial arts. Unfortunately noone in the world is actually that good. These are demos. Keep that in mind. This guy would be a billionaire and in the ufc if he could take people out that efficiently. Look up bjj vs. Its all there. Knocking someone down is difficult.

  23. 122792dd says:

    @21soldat Israeli.

  24. ZaphodUk1 says:

    whats the difference between Israeli ju jitsu and Japanese ju jitsu?

  25. dustinmbox says:


  26. meshtallica says:

    @MRnakedSURFmonkey ,,IF u resist in this kinda demo, YOU’LL DEFINITELY GET YR BONES BROKEN…thats why its so effective to stop yr attacker in REAL LIFE…besides it takes alot of skill to learn to fall like that, thats an art in itself,

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