Michael Jackson Death Mystery

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    25 Responses to “MICHAEL JACKSON’S DEATH- SUSPECT OR WITNESS( Unsolved Mystery)”

    1. supermjjfan1 says:

      Yep,total moneygrubbing vultures who are there to feather their shabby little vests.Bunch of 2 bit hoodluns.Phbt!

    2. supermjjfan1 says:

      Michael never signed the contract to hire murderinmurray;so who hired that quack is open to speculation. As far as the deep end,LOL,careful,you are getting close to the edge yourself.

    3. supermjjfan1 says:

      I wonder who the actual one who gave the word is,to murderinmurray I mean. Im itching to know that name.

    4. supermjjfan1 says:

      I dont think that murderinmurray is singing at all…he hasnt told anyone who hired him to do this,or else there would have been other arrests.

    5. earthlyme says:

      mhm…sure thing…have a wonderful spring break…;)


    6. cathcoy says:

      @earthlyme — Then talk sense to begin with. Thank, hun.

    7. earthlyme says:

      ummm i’m sorry but i didnt talk about John Branca of McClain or Randy Phillips. Understand what I said first then reply ok hun…Tnx…


    8. cathcoy says:

      @earthlyme — Please get your facts straight. MJ had EXCELLENT guidance and counsel in John Branca, John McClain, Tom Barrack and Randy Phillips. It’s not the fault of any of those men that MJ hired incompetent medical support for MJ’s legitimate physical needs. Had it not been for Branca, McClain, Barrack and Phillips, MJ’s estate would be one deep pit of debt and financial regret. MJ THOUGHT he was hiring competent medical support but MJ was mistaken. Murray alone bears responsibility.

    9. cathcoy says:

      Talk about MJ fans going over the deep end. Sheesh.

      Barrack SAVED MJ’s home from foreclosure. Had Barrack not come along, MJ would’ve lost his home to foreclosure. MJ’s estate still owns Neverland in a joint venture with Barrack. Barrack also assisted MJ in launching a comeback with AEG. Had Barrack not supported MJ, there would’ve been no This Is It. It’s not the fault of either Barrack or AEG that MJ hired Murray to help MJ sleep. Murray’s an idiot but MJ and no one else hired Murray.

    10. lastardriver says:

      The Los Angeles County coroner ruled MJ’s death a homicide due to acute Diprivan toxicity. In other words he overdosed or was overdosed by his two bit doctor and I know who this nurse is. She is ghetto nurse as was MJ’s doctor.

    11. earthlyme says:

      These leeches are Incredible. The more i hear their stories, the more I doubt what the media is tryin to make us believe. Its all A complete Conspiracy! Michael was innocent and pure and had his own mind. I guess they got what they wanted, FOR NOW! This is only gonna last a couple of years…then, It’s God’s time to judge! For real!!!

    12. CherubimandAngels says:

      God is not Mocked.
      The murderers of Michael Jackson
      will ROT IN HELL!!!!

    13. yana383 says:

      corrupt police, fans now have to organize the protest, Murray should not deny the license and seek to put him because the murder was premeditated and planned, I’m afraid to say it somewhere else, so I say here please send it to fans of Michael ordered the murder — anshults, Phillips, sony. performers — Murray and volume, volume

    14. yana383 says:

      results of the toxicological examination had been tampered with Michael in the blood have been found so many drugs, the press was given false information, Michael died at home rather than in hospital, the box with propofol have been specifically brought to the house, the press gives false information

    15. yana383 says:

      it was the shadow of the Jewish Masonic conspiracy zakuliski Michael killed sony and aeg to get the catalog and all of Michael’s condition, he was not bankrupt, as they specifically said he simply did not have liquidity, to which they contributed to provoking the courts to sell the catalog, Michael hounded all life because of his money that he spent to charity instead of paying tribute to the Jewish Mafia and anti-racist song

    16. xxxMarzikinnsxxx says:

      bring the 4 bastards down they killed our Mike, we the fans want justice for the king.

    17. sweetpotatoful says:

      bcuz of money…. god give justice for michael.

    18. xxxMarzikinnsxxx says:

      i realy love to put that dr murry’s ass on the electric chiar and grill the bastard.

    19. carpenters10 says:

      its a mistery and it wil be

    20. mssquirrely says:

      OK hcvang, I get your POINT but I’m not one to DEBATE on whether there’s a GOD or not
      Take Care

    21. hcvang says:

      gods hands?

      way to throw away all responsibility…

      humans is the reason things suck… if there WAS a god, he wouldnt allow all the horrific things that go on in the world… if he had a heart AT ALL…

    22. mssquirrely says:

      and PLEASE don’t get my COMMENT TWISTED:
      That’s not to say; “God killed MJ”
      my comment is on a SPIRITUAL LEVEL not a MAN LEVEL. This world was not READY FOR MJ.

    23. mssquirrely says:

      hcvang ~ I appreciate your reply, I agree with ur comment to a degree. MAN & MONEY does seem to RULE RIGHT NOW but only bcuz the end of this WORLD as we know it today IS NEAR.
      In my opinion when something and/or someone is TAKEN FOR GRANTED such as MJ was, I do think GOD chooses to SACRAFICE that thing or person for the sake of HUMILITY & HUMBLING US. I feel it’s in GODS HANDS now.

    24. hcvang says:

      if there was such a thing as a god, do yo think it would’ve let them kill someone as pure as michael? seriously… come on, now.

      welcome to the world of MAN, where MONEY is king (unfortunately – especially for mike’s kids)

    25. hcvang says:

      I’ve got no problem playing it?

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