Mental Training for Wrestling and MMA

“Wrestlers and Coaches Discover Powerful Mental Training Strategies To Overcome Fear and Develop Mental Toughness!” Mental Training Strategies You Absolutely Must know To Overcome Fear and Anxiety So That You Wrestle As Well In Matches As You Do In Wrestling Practice If you said “yes,” you’re not alone!  Many wrestlers experience these same feelings of anxiety and frustration.  Your confidence level will directly impact your success in wrestling. You wrestle like a Champion in practice, but when you step on to the wrestling mat you freeze up and lose your confidence… even though you KNOW you can do better. It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how well you know your wrestling technique is if you can’t do it when it counts… during a match! The two biggest obstacles to reaching your potential fear of failure and lack of confidence.  Wrestlers who experience these obstacles damage their chance of success because of fear of failure, anxiety and tension… Mental toughness is what separates the winner from the loser in wrestling competition.  Champion wrestlers train hard in practice, perform without fear during matches, and trust their skills and techniques when it counts. A common mistake is to assume that just learning wrestling technique and practicing hard will make you a Champion.  Many wrestlers are really good in practice, but choke on the wrestling mat.  The mind can control even the most dedicated wrestler. I discovered that with proper mental training, wrestlers can reach their true potential.  When you train your mind like you train in practice or in the weight room, you will win more matches than ever. My name is Steve Preston.  As a Sports Performance Specialist for over 2 decades, I’ve helped thousands of wrestlers increase their strength, speed and conditioning for wrestling.  You may know my from my best-selling book “Ultimate Wrestling Strength” or from my strength, conditioning and nutrition articles in Wrestling USA Magazine… But for wrestlers who lack the confidence to reach their potential, I went to the best Mental Training Coach in the World… For over 3 hours I interrogated Brian Cain, the Mental Training Coach for George St. Pierre, the World’s Pound-for-Pound #1 Mixed Martial Artist. I grilled him for the best mental training secrets that he teaches to the World’s best fighters. He spilled the beans, and gave me tips, tactics and strategies that he uses to transform Wrestlers and MMA Athletes from good to great. I was blown-away with all of the secrets to confidence and mental toughness that he shared with me.  It was like having a private clinic with the best Mental Conditioning Coach in the business. Finally… The Secrets To Unleashing Your Hidden Wrestling Potential By Training Mental Toughness Have Been Revealed Now, you too can tap into the power of your mind for total confidence on the wrestling mat with the same strategies and systems used with the World’s greatest MMA Athletes… The entire 3+ hours of Mental Toughness Training was recorded.  This cutting-edge system was designed to help you overcome the mental barriers you are facing and develop mental toughness and confidence for wrestling or MMA. The Wrestling Confidence program is ideal for any wrestler that wants to overcome fear of failure and unleash their true potential on the wrestling mat.  It’s great for any coach or parent who wants to teach wrestlers how to get mentally tougher. The Wrestling Confidence program is a 4-part audio interrogation series, designed to build any wrestler’s level of confidence to win more matches.  Each part is presented as an mp3 download so that you can download it to your computer, and listen to it on your computer or Ipod.  You can even burn it to CD and keep your own copy to listen whenever you need some confidence-building strategies fast! It’s a complete system for re-programming your mind for success in wrestling or MMA.  It’s like having your own, personal Mental Training Coach! This audio is loaded with tips and strategies for developing the mental edge.  Never let your fear take over your abilities again. Discover the exact methods of Word Champions to conserve strength and energy leading up to your match. This audio interrogation will give you all the tools you need to begin changing your mindset and get mentally tough. In this section you will learn the truth about setting goals.  Wrestlers and MMA athletes need to take a different approach to setting goals then other sports… and here’s how. Wrestling Confidence was developed for any level Coach, Parent or Wrestler who wants to improve confidence and mental toughness.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginning wrestler or seasoned Champion, or you just want to teach wrestlers how to develop total confidence on the mat. The strategies taught in the Wrestling Confidence program work…  They helped countless numbers of wrestlers and fighters all over the world to break through and reach their potential. If you have any reservations about the appropriateness of the Wrestling Confidence program for youth wrestlers, don’t worry.  You can sample the program, and if you find that your wrestler is too young or not mature enough to benefit from it you can get a full refund! (We recommend that Parents work closely with youth wrestlers under the age of 12) To work with me or Brian Cain one on one would cost a lot of money.  Private mental coaching can costs hundreds of dollars each month.  In order to reach more wrestlers I wanted to record every bit of valuable mental-training information so that I could get it out to more wrestlers, coaches and parents… for a reasonable investment! The Wrestling Confidence program contains everything you need to overcome fear and become mentally tough for wrestling and life If you’re tired of letting your mental obstacles interfere with your success on the wrestling mat then the Wrestling Confidence program is for you. On the other hand, if you are completely confident and mentally tough without any fears then don’t waste your time and…

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