Martial Arts Death Touch

A Fox Chicago newscast about a karate instructor who knocks people out without even touching them. Notice that Stephan Bonnar is one of the Carlson Gracie jiu-jitsu students who is apparently immune to the deadly technique.

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    25 Responses to “Martial Arts Death Touch”

    1. gjj101 says:

      @zahaie Nice grammar genius.

    2. zahaie says:

      How come all these one punch knock out masters are all fat ass white man. like the preacher who knock people out in he name of Jesus. Lose some wight so I can believe that you have dune something more than just set around eat junk food and thank ways to rip people off.

    3. krest4312 says:

      @kledder2 lol

    4. kledder2 says:

      This fat american has watched Dragon Ball Z one too many times.

    5. Entertainerati says:

      hahahaha 1:40 hahaha xD

    6. gTauTomaTisch says:

      @kingelf3 okay

    7. zamieh says:


    8. kingelf3 says:

      @gTauTomaTisch sorry man/girl wich ever you r but i did stand up comide an shooting down heckelers is part of my job some one says somat to me i go stright back at them with wt ever i can thnk of :) lol

    9. gTauTomaTisch says:

      @kingelf3 lol

    10. kingelf3 says:

      @gTauTomaTisch back to the 10 year old insults now r we ?

    11. SanEverett says:

      Is that Benny Hinn’s cousin?

    12. SushiCoke says:

      lol grandmaster = bullshitsu

    13. gTauTomaTisch says:

      @kingelf3 you really suck!!!!!!11!

    14. bvshr says:

      Warning, Warning Bullshitter Alert!!!,Bullshitter Alert!!!

    15. vamtheanomaly says:

      LOL…HA DO KEN!!!

    16. zachariahmaguire says:

      yet his students are falling right over, but there supposed to be athletes

    17. OsmarH says:

      lolz i would like to drop this newbie in the middle of amazon and see if his bullshit can make him survive for a month.

    18. milkfred says:

      big lols

    19. 6646greendayfan says:


    20. zahaie says:

      Ha Ha Ha what a bunch of BS

    21. HHO4ALL says:

      They said Natural Athletes are the toughest? WTF!!!

      Does that mean his students are out of shape and weak willed?

    22. HyokaiJuJutsu says:

      Ju Jutsu (Džu Džucu/Džiu-Džicu) klub Panther iz Šapca je jedini klub koji ima kompletni samoodbranbeni program u našem gradu, u koji spada odbrana od noža, palice, pištolja iz različitih uglova, odbrana od nožnih i ručnih napada, odbrana od najrazlićitijih pokušaja gušenja, hvatova za ruke, revere i odeću. Dođite i uverite se. Prvi trening je besplatan.

    23. TheRf247 says:


    24. blanchebre55 says:

      hm tell me the way you wann feel me, make me hot, and get hot with me

    25. kuba4life says:

      pretty good actors..

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