Lie To Me: Monica Raymund

LIE TO ME star Monica Raymund talks shop with Hollywood 411′s Madison Michele. Monica reveals how she lucked into the gig, praises star Tim Roth and shows what she’s learned about being a human lie detector.

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24 Responses to “Lie To Me: Monica Raymund”

  1. gaflez says:

    I really don’t like what she’s wearing. Such a same she is a pretty.

  2. DML897 says:

    Shes gorgeous and shes YOUNG! Shes only 23….wtf lol.

  3. leddobrasil says:

    man…she so fucking hot that sometimes i hate her :)
    lol…kelli is unbelievably warm&tender with her looks….and monica is so sexy that she is evil :)….like the angel and the demon….i would eat her with just one bite…
    i want to cry !!!! i need THIS WOMAN sooooo bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….
    i hate u girl!!!! u dont have a clue who am i, and still im deeply lost in u!!!!!

  4. olic2003 says:

    God that reporter is… erk.. why do you need a cut in your shirt THERE?!

  5. lopytube says:

    man.I can honestly say a girl like that,I wouldnt care if she had ass or not.

    wheres my thumbs uplol

  6. THGhost says:

    They did in a very early episode of Season 1. I didn’t see it coming but Cal noticed it instantly.

  7. 2muchhealth4you says:

    yeah in episode 3 season 1 dude xD ;).. watch it, it was a small fragment though

  8. intermender says:

    Its one of the best bits of the show when they show examples of politicians or famous people as the episode progresses. So funny.

  9. jayjaysmoothe says:

    Nope I kinda got away from the series regrettably… Did they actually do that already?

  10. noelmsp007 says:

    omg i was thinking that too, with Nicole KIdman.

  11. noelmsp007 says:

    she’s hot.

  12. skumail says:

    shes so sexy when she talks to loke at the end of S02E09.. i loooove her..

  13. 2muchhealth4you says:

    … did you watch episode 3?

  14. jayjaysmoothe says:

    They should have someone with Botox injections come on the show Lightman and Torres can’t read their face.

  15. KennyJStephens says:

    She is so beautiful and sexy i wanna marry a woman like her

  16. mycoolgoodvideos says:

    shes so sexy

  17. zitttu says:

    it CAN be real smile without the wrinkling… no? :( Ah, come on, I can’t live with that I’m lying to MYSELF! :(

  18. steve0619 says:

    that first comment made me laugh ALOT

    so outragiously blunt lol :)

  19. nitrocircus785 says:

    shes looks just like my friend,she must b here twin sister lol

  20. JTT41 says:

    type imsilly exactly like that with no space on youtube and search. click the video that is called yesssssss. Drunk girls in the bathtub!

  21. imanijonny123 says:

    She is so bueatiful, i love her… no homo lol

  22. GPadre says:

    Monica Raymund is a breath of fresh air in the tv world. Young, pretty, sexy without having to take her clothes off. ‘Lie To Me’ is one of the best shows that came out recently, already helped me at my job.

  23. bucknastyshimmy says:

    Ay ay ay, que linda. Yo soy un judio guapo, ella una judia linda…una mezlca perfecta…jajajaj, en mis suenos

  24. Narmedor says:

    I would like to have sex with you.

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