Lesbian Judge Yew on Mr Christopher

After 5 years of wrongful incarceration without any type of Trial, a dismissed first Prelim, which proved his ex-wife was a liar, the corrupt Presiding Judge flipped the case of William Joseph Christopher, who refused for 5 years to “cop a Plea” and get out of Jail “free” in 1999, and 2000-2005, when William Wagener started investigating after the Michael JAckson Case. A certain reporter in San Jose, Ca. reported that judge Erica R. Yew was a Lesbian who in her prior Law Firm raised discrimination issues, and got put on the Judicial bench. [ maybe to get rid of her from the Law firm] Now she is flipped a really screwed up case, where three Judges before her, including the Presiding judge had tampered with the Court file, to keep Mr. Christopher locked up at Patton State Mental hospital… for discovering the Courts own corruption. Wm Wagener made 4 or 5 trips to San Jose, Ca before he finally was granted a IN JAIL Video INTERVIEW. It is my suspicion that Judge Erica YEW was given this screwed up case BECAUSE she had ISSUEs of sexual orientation… hoping that we would focus on HER lesbian issues, which had little or nothing to do with the tampering of the Case by the Judge who finallly let Mr. Christopher out on a Bernal Decision, extorted by Prosecutor and Judge from Mr. Christopher in Sept. 2006, after 6.3 years in lock up and more than half in Mental Hospitals, for REFUSING to “cop a Plea” and take 3 yrs. probation, and pay a 00 fine. After thorough and exhausting

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    26 Responses to “Lesbian Judge Yew on Mr Christopher”

    1. Nik Solo says:

      This is a bunch of crap. I know Judge Yew. I have appeared before her more than 100 times. I know her husband and her family. She is more than fair and bends over backwards to give defendants fair and equitable treatment.

    2. MrThetruthsucks says:

      Fag Judge? Worthless flesh, Shot and stuffed in dumpster!

    3. williamwagener says:

      @johncrab67 YOUR RIGHT – - SUBSCRIBE , Send to FRIENDS
      Ask them to SUBSCRIBE as they Watch, I have 800 video
      mostly about cases like this. Most time, I am the ONLY Camcorder in Court.

    4. johncrab67 says:

      Thanks for posting this, abomination.
      More people need to know about this.

    5. Mrreverendjim says:

      this judge needs a firing squad. she is a lying, corrupt piece of dirt. this makes me sick!!! lost files?? not proper for him to have the files??? ITS HIS RIGHT!!!

    6. anajen30 says:

      This is our justice system! It is corrupt and these people will one day have 2 explain themselves to GOD! Mr. Christopher: Stay strong! God Bless u for ur patience and perserverence!

    7. Mayortwilleger says:

      Melvin Emerich is the fat lawyer. His waffle goes from 3:58 to 5:24 where he doesnt actually say anything. Funny funny stuff.

    8. superpencil007 says:

      that was Wm Christopher, not Melvin
      but HOW genius, he spent 6.3 years locked up without ever getting to a TRIAL by Judge or jury. SHAME on American Courts.

    9. Mayortwilleger says:

      Melvin was hilarious. To sit there waflfing on about how confused he was was pure genius.

    10. wdfields says:

      The more emphatically enlightened MAFIA


      (& In American too)

    11. MopDMTBARTL says:

      The Vatican-Pope-Jesuits-illuminati run the world. they have all the judges, attorneys, doctors, major corporations, etc. all in their back pocket. bought & paid for, etc. our country is no longer free -we live in tyranny! truth an obscure thing, Oppression & lie is the norm. Were all slaves- our masters, the elite, r at least 50 years ahead of us in knowledge, technology, info., secrets & r using all of it against us!

      Go here:
      truthknowledge. com

      Spread it! Time is running out!

    12. MoronFreeZone says:

      Judges and lawyers are the core of corruption!

    13. sugarpuddin88 says:

      Rockefeller & Dewey created the US education system by using the philosophy of Hegel & Wundt

      The same two men to whom Marx & Trotsky used to create Communism

      In their own words, “to create a passive society of people who merely act as cogs in the wheel of society”

      Thus, Americans are NOT critical thinkers – They just “go along”

      That is why that nation is completely & utterly Bankrupt

      Removing critical thinking from ed was simple & genius!

      Not an education: But a social conditioning!

    14. sugarpuddin88 says:

      One of the most brilliant books is a free online download, 450 pages; but with all the source citations & copies of actual Dept Ed docs is over 1300 pages

      Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor in the US Department of Education

      Also free online are: The Sowing of the Seeds
      And also: The Leipzig Connection:
      Sabotage of the US Educational System

    15. psychodrilla says:

      its the public fool system that educates the what you call poorly educated that your paying for do you think it would be so easy if everyone the world had a good education and sharp mind for the bankers and presidents to lie and cheat
      school is to destroy dreams and smash free thought
      why hate people cos they dont know they truly do have a choice as a human being you should help those you can for to help others is to help oneself
      we are all human after all
      love light and laughter to all reading

    16. mountain19 says:

      is the dismissed atty. discrediting his ex client?

    17. sugarpuddin88 says:

      Despite the mass delusion of the poorly educated Americans, believe it or not, the USA is NOT the center of the universe

      The ONLY countries effected by downturns are those who allow private bankers to print their nations currency

      The rest of the world will only mildly be effected to one degree or another

      EG, the Chinese will wake up in the am to go to their jobs building their nations infrastructure despite the approaching collapse of the USA

      Their GDP grows despite exports being down

    18. psychodrilla says:

      er sorry to place reason upon your statement but correct me if i’m wrong but pretty much every country is under the goverenment that americans have?
      its called fleet law,maritime law,commercial law etc,
      its not that anyone deserves it.Its that everyone thinks that they are powerless
      and yet more of us are learning and sharing how to use the tools that have been hidden from us

    19. psychodrilla says:

      please make the captions last longer for those who may not read so quickly i share these whith my elderly mother and her friends
      keep up the good work

    20. grampus788 says:

      Why do we tolerate this injustice? Few care enough because it hasn’t touched them. I spoke to a woman yesterday about this same type of issue and she said that this kind of injustice doesn’t exist in our courts. A rotten, rebelious generation has come of age and is in many places holding the power, as in the case of this filthy rotten corrupt lesbian judge.

    21. CPSSucks says:

      MrCow1986 – I’ve heard about freemasons, but what are eastern stars?

    22. moviedude22 says:

      so what was the outcome? this is all behind a so called lost file?

    23. 7514328 says:

      The courts are there to screw you for maximum profits. It serves the interests of the national economy which is owned by the wealthy elite. A majority of our population must always be kept poor and punished so as to promote the welfare and self-esteem of those civic institutions owned and controlled by the wealthy elite. Americans are doomed. The lunatics are in charge. We have all been pre-judged and sentenced by lunatics.

    24. superpencil007 says:

      Wow, you can see that Prosecutor is ashamed of the job he is doing against the victim of Court Abuse, Mr. Christopher.
      Well done, William

    25. CPSSucks says:

      If you are working in the courthouse these days, there is a very good chance you are corrupt, evil and willing to (or already have) sold your soul for petty power or a few dollars. Why are there so many lesbian judges, I wonder?

    26. 006006006006 says:

      Mr. Emerich should NOT be allowed to speak,
      since he is NO longer the attorney for Mr. Christopher.

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