Learn Kyusho Jitsu Gb 20 KO by Leeroy

Learn Kyusho Jitsu Gb 20 KO by Leeroy

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    25 Responses to “Learn Kyusho Jitsu Gb 20 KO by Leeroy”

    1. LolMyTV says:

      Everyone who is saying this stupid shit about “not working” and NewGranddad.. Should really use this as self defense! I have done this move before and my friend has done it also… My friend knocked a kid out with this move! What you are looking for in finding GB20 is the little hollow spot pretty much in level with the bottom of your earlobe passing to were your spine meets your skull.

    2. NewGranddad says:


    3. 3568219 says:

      is that albert einstein?^^

    4. Mymetallaw says:

      how i can learn that?

    5. billysue2 says:

      @parkertemps dream on doughboy.

    6. billysue2 says:

      @lightseeker85 thats totally untrue,any person has exactly the same rights to self defense,regardless of experience.You only have the right to use reasonable force to deter the attack,after that its not self defense.Of course the opposing lawyer will target the supposed skill advantage of a black belt,but theres no provision for it in law.

    7. kyusho1 says:

      @billysue2 @billysue2 Its a shame you have not been able to learn from some one that is actually certified to teach kyusho. So many hop on the band wagon and want to look like a professional. The main motto of my organization is “taught from experience, not theory.” We have a number of law enforcement and military personnel in the organization that use this effectively on attackers on a daily basis, doesn’t get any more real than that.

    8. billysue2 says:

      @kyusho1 it doesnt work on very agressive attackers,ie any attackers.Any instructor into pressure points ive met is invariably a clown.ive met a few over the years in jujitsu circles,they never spar,never compete ,never pressure test their ideas.Real fighters and competitors dont take them seriously.George dillman is a prime example.

    9. bazza25able says:

      this is possible but i dont believe with tis impact, i know for sure that this pressure point (galbladder 20) is very powerfull

    10. lightseeker85 says:

      True, but if the same person is used to perform KOs on, they can have issues if repeatedly shutting down motor functions or organs.

    11. automobilslalom says:

      If you do it right, you will need the power of a 8 year old kid. That will never leave any further injuries or marks. The right hit of a pressure point will only send the brain an information to do something, like relax a muscle. That reaction should give e.g. an officer enought time to react without using more force than needed. Why should that bring someone in more trouble than breaking his neck? Even in Germany it wouldn’t :-)

    12. mrjusticesoul says:


    13. lightseeker85 says:

      Evidence by time and place. May not be from the contact but, if they have an organ shut down (internal) or bust their head when they hit the ground (external), you have to answer for that. If a court declares you are skilled/trained, you are responsible for the person’s life.

    14. NewZealfighter says:

      this is how I would imagine a spy or KGB agent would take out some one.

      Forget about all the screaming and fighting stance and bullshit

    15. parkertemps says:

      I don’t know about RECON up above, but I am a police officer in the united states navy. We all watched the vid, like I said before, perception is reality.

    16. kyusho1 says:

      Again, you should not comment on something you do not know about

    17. parkertemps says:

      It can brought in a courtroom because if a police officer is caught doing what the man is doing on the video above he will be prosecuted. All the suspect needs to do is complain of is harassment, extenuating pain after the fact, etc. Perception is reality, he hit the man in the neck, that is a red zone. The next time you insult a military service member, I hope your in range of him. I really do.

    18. kyusho1 says:

      When done correctly kyusho doesn’t even leave a mark, so how can it be brought into a court room? No evidence. One of the reasons law enforcement officers I have taught like it so much. You should go back to playing with your plastic toy soldiers and stop commenting on things you don’t have a clue about.

    19. recon501 says:

      you should definitely study your federal law. And I like that your throwing your certified titles around with me. In my community we find titles hilarious. We actually learn all of that “what the gov don’t want you to know crap”. If it was so special, my brother’s in the “special operations” community would use it. This is fun, you started a spouting match with men downrange. We use what works, and remember we don’t subdue people…

    20. kyusho1 says:

      I have taught many law enforcement and military personel in the US and in other countries. I am a certified Defensive Tactics Instructor as well, so I know what can and can’t be used, and this stuff is welcomed. No more police brutality law suits, of course they use it.

    21. recon501 says:

      lol, did you know that if this stuff is brought up in court it would be held as an item other than whats allowed by the U.S. Federal Government within the Use of Force Continuum for Law Enforcement. There are specific guidelines for what U.S. Sworn Law Officers can and cannot use. Experiemental and unboarded material is illegal. And being experienced in combat (the middle east) I know this is fake.

    22. kyusho1 says:

      And most instructors won’t teach this until you have been with them for 20 years or so. Through many years of research by some very talented martial artists and medical profesionals this information has been able to become more public.

    23. kyusho1 says:

      I have a number of friends in Law Enforcement that have been learning this, and they have been very effective with it. The people they are deasling with aren’t students, and pretty much non-compliant. I have used it outside of the dojo as well, on people that were not students, and in real situations, and it has worked fine for me. You guys can keep waisting your time bashing this, but your not going to get the most out of your own art by denying yourself this information. It is in EVERY system.

    24. teutoboy says:

      did you guys notice that it only works on stundents. no one else was ever knocked out with this.

    25. fiin1 says:

      Pretty funny, But infact i am studying in Kyushu Jitsu and i have done this type of knock out believe me it works

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