[ Leak Spin] WikiLeaks Iraq Torture Log

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11 Responses to “[ Leak Spin] WikiLeaks Iraq Torture Log”

  1. nemesisdesign says:

    Are these soldiers that practice torture patriots? Or they’re just brainwashed puppets in the hands of an extended mafia empire? Think about it.

  2. Vogter2100 says:

    Thanks for posting these. We need to know.

  3. SugarTomAppleRoger says:

    @USStateSponTerrorism You are correct. I am sure many Americans think the same way as you do. As an Alien, we see Americans as all saying the same things, as you are afraid to be non patriotic. It leaves Aliens with a bad sense. We see that soliders were executed in the second world war, when in some cases they acted with complete honor like General Tomoyuki Yamashita. Some soliders especially Blackwater soldiers (I understand they are like the Gestapo) get away with it all the time.

  4. USStateSponTerrorism says:

    Soy americano y no estoy de acuerdo que revelar todo esto a la atención del público, exponiendo todos los abusos, es suficiente -loparas que hicieron estas cosas y todos aquellos que pidieron o permitieron estas cosas teniendo el poder de pararlos, DEBERÍAN SER JUSTICIADOS Y CASTIGADOS CON PREJUICIO EXTREMO. La revelación de la injusticia no es suficiente para impedir que esto pasara otra vez. La gente se olvidan rápido a menos que se hacen verdaderos ejemplos de ellos.

  5. USStateSponTerrorism says:

    I am an American and I disagree that bringing all this to the attention of the public, exposing all the abuses, is enough – all of these people who did these things, and all of those who ordered or permitted these things when they had the power to stop them, SHOULD ALL BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE AND PUNISHED WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE. Exposing injustice is not enough to prevent it from happening again People will quickly forget unless real examples are made of these criminals.

  6. leakspinner says:

    @SugarTomAppleRoger Agreed. once we know the truth of what happened we can try to make sure it will never happen again. For this reason Wiki leaks is vital to us all.

  7. SugarTomAppleRoger says:

    Terrible. All of us are implicated in these abuses. We have to keep lifting our game. It is very clear that there were and probably still are abuses. It seems obvious from this report that there are good guys and bad guys in all armies, Iraqi, US etc. Terrible thinkgs happen in war.

    What is revealed in wikileak is NOT a criticism of the US. It is a record of what happened. It is an opportunity to empower the good guys to stop abuses in the future.

  8. Gjen55 says:

    getting hit in the food is at least better then many other things.

  9. 411American says:

    Any American military personal that come forward to speak and testify they need to be protected from their Government.. Lets see that human right get passed.

  10. 411American says:

    Whiki may be the government?
    I find it interesting that the bank issues come out after the fact.
    I find it interesting that the inside 911 job is not mentioned.
    I find it interesting all of the media on the government channels.
    It’s not surprising it’s all about the government’s way to get NET NUTRALITY.
    I find it sad AmeriCANS are Ameri-CANTS who lost control to govern their selves.
    I find it funny they invade others, while not closing and protecting their own boarders.
    Somethings up Gov

  11. SylvanaForrester says:

    What’s with all the sodomy? It’s like a bizarre obsession. P.S. there are plenty of examples from the historical record of the U.S. turning a blind eye to abuses carried out by non-Americans — presumably at America’s request.

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