Law Enforcement Training Camp, Actual Pt 1 by Nutnfancy

A crucilble of tactical shooting, LETC provides excellent instructors, challenging courses of fire, ample learning opportunities, LOTS of shooting, and some great food. TNP guest shooter OfficerJared and I took a day to go and shoot and film in’s Law Enforcment Training Camp in Utah, September 2010. It was held in some beautiful high canyon areas in the mountains, just starting to change into fall colors. Due to pressing career commitments I got there late but received a red carpet welcome from’s Jerrod and crew. AT targets have been reviewed and highly recommened by me in TNP and many have sold briskly from this publicity (selling out in 48 hours with the debut of the “Armored Steel” video These targets are favored and useful gun testing tools in TNP and I was glad to see them integrated into this range as well. Shooting steel is fun, instantly reactive, and simple to proctor. OJ and I jump right into advanced portion of the “Shooting Reactive Steel for Speed and Accuracy” taught by Peter Tarley (LETC Police Training Division). Drills are single, to double, then triple taps using pneumatic steel for timing. Unfortunately OJ’s Kimber chokes again (!) and we suspect magazine problems. My Springfield XDM9 turns in an impressive performance with 100% and is deadly accurate. Th Glocks in attendance also run with perfection. A great lunch hosted by AT gives us a quick rest and then we book it up to Kyle Schmidt’s (Safariland

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25 Responses to “Law Enforcement Training Camp, Actual Pt 1 by Nutnfancy”

  1. SigSauerkraut says:

    Really like this content

  2. K1RKH4MM3T says:

    Great stuff, I’d love to shoot at a place like that. Nice shooting

  3. blackyblackblack505 says:

    Nice video

  4. blorkensoft says:

    lol, “is he a springfield rep or anything?”
    OJ “na”

  5. Altonmcc says:

    Good job Nutn!

  6. PLxFTW says:

    I love Officer Jared’s M4

  7. blorkensoft says:

    This is so cool! I really look forward to always watching the new videos as they come out! Keep up the phenomenal work Nutnfancy!

  8. PLxFTW says:

    nutnfancy what do you think about the FN Scar both the 5.56 and the 2.23

  9. omegadragon7777 says:

    I have been to the eotech engineering place in Mi, Oh man it was like a kid in a candy store.

  10. melbourne0 says:

    Nice facilities, thanks for the video.

  11. Everett07630 says:

    @FWalshingham Sure what ever works – no issues with H&K, SIG, or FN. But the thing about Glocks is that they work and they’re affordable. .40cal S&W, .45ACP, .357SIG it’s all good.

  12. Everett07630 says:

    @zyesa Why do you assume that he’s a “gun owner” in the first place? He seems like just another troll.

  13. gipp87 says:

    Appreciate the LE love!

  14. vollick8 says:

    OJ needs to be added to the “crew” he’s a blast on camera and a good camera man, you find good people nutnfancy. :)

  15. 2MuchFirePower says:

    beutiful country man

  16. PAR3DOC says:

    Super Cool Bro!

  17. 762full says:

    @AgentMcgeek They tell me that I can’t even have a metal file or nail clipper on the BA flight ( weapon of mass destruction)

    Forget the firearms lol even the knives lmao

    They even tell me 500 euro banknotes can’t be exchanged for 50 pound sterling (the biggest offered) notes.

    And finally, if you have more than 1,000 it can be seized (stolen) by the authorities, just like your UK bank accounts


    To be english is to be a bitch, and get banged on a daily basis

  18. simonblue894 says:

    I Like that OJ is sticking with the 1911, I run a Kimber Raptor and I love it. Glad to see officers using the 1911. Get that man some new mags and lets see a vid with him rocking that Kimber

  19. AgentMcgeek says:

    @762full I hope you don’t laugh at the civillians; I was born in ’97 and live in london. I’d love for everybody here to be able to carry guns and knives.

  20. ambluemax says:

    I’m a huge 1911 fan, but man its painful watching that Kimber. I think its got some extractor tension issues (especially given its age and volume of use)

    I have some wilson mags too, the springs went soft rediculously fast. Not a high value option IMO given the price for what you get. Chip McCormics and Tripp Research are money better spent.

  21. SnakeStrike77 says:

    Looked like A LOT of fun! Congrats on another great vid!

  22. 854RUN says:

    Great vid Nutn and OJ. looks like yall had a great time and some good lookin groceries. Keep it up!!

  23. Gunnut226 says:

    Another great video from TNP. I joined the Second Amendment Foundation just recently. I was unaware of all of the great work they are doing to support our second amendment rights. I have been a member of the NRA and GOA for a long time and I hope we all can fight together to preserve our second amendment right here in the US. Keep up the good work!

  24. FatmanH says:

    @vincentsales The best the brits can get (speaking as one of them) is going over to the mainland europe in the east and doing tactical stuff over there. Which sucks massively because it means we have to get plane tickets and shit to go and have fun and learn a skill that we can’t even put into use in our homeland. sucks balls

  25. 762full says:

    @vincentsales Yeah a bunch of weak pussies, I always laugh when I pass through London

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