Law Enforcement Polygraph Process The Police Interview Polygraph can flush otherwise good police candidates out of the hiring process. Fisher questions are often used by the polygraph administrator to get a potential cop to admit something. This is a great story of “Steve” and how he was prevented from becoming a police officer because of what he said during his polygraph.
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25 Responses to “Law Enforcement Polygraph Process”

  1. phreeze2thiz says:

    in the topic of doing drugs. when one was a minor admitting that you did experiment once with a drug. is that an automatic DQ?

  2. OneLoneLegend says:

    The fisher question they asked me was about “drug use” – Of course my drug use is an embarrassing subject considering I’m trying to become a police officer so of course I elicited a reaction to it on the polygraph. I stuck to my guns and didn’t change my answers – the polygrapher then said “we will contact you in a few days and let you know what we are going to do and you may be subjected to another polygraph that is more drug oriented”. Is that standard practice? I didn’t hit on anything else.


    Hello there, I am on edge of high school, getting ready for college. I plan to work my way into the marshal service, but I feel that my extreme drive to complete this task may make me to nervous, or excited and I may mess up on the polygraph test. I would like to use your program to reassure myself that I’ll be fine if allowed to try for the marshals.

  4. godsgeneral006 says:

    Hello sir,
    I was wondering if you could send me more information on the polygraph & how to pass?

    Thank you for taking the time.
    I appreciate all you do.

  5. Brenda Dickie says:

    hi! im going to be having one, as im proving a crime of attempted murder, and i want to show that i am being honast. my perpitraitors (some are dead, and some are on the run), The last one killed people. thank you for info. God Bless, you sir,Brenda.

  6. Brent Hannify says:

    Good day, I would like to see your product as well. I’m currently going through the process to be an officer in San Diego and would like to learn more about this stage.

  7. DJUnknown1100 says:

    If I were to take an FBI polygraph while having previously through an internship worked undercover to expose potential drug dealers and the question arises on wether or not I have participated in the illegal trafficking of drugs what should I say

  8. outdagate08 says:

    Hello Chief Russ, I will be taking a polygraph test next Friday, Nov. 16. I am at peace with answering every question truthfully. Will my being completely truthful hurt me or help me? I did a lot of stupid things when I was young and when I hear: “Have you ever….?” I immediately think about all the things I’ve done as a teenager and young adult. I’m now 51 and I am a man of integrity and a responsible adult. Should I keep my answers to a direct “yes” or “no” response? What is your advice?

  9. Charly Bouraima says:

    Hey Chief Russ. About a year ago, I was asked one of the Fisher questions, which I have failed for. I did not receive a letter a disqualification from the agency. Can I still apply for other agencies?

  10. Edward Brann says:

    hey, im about to apply for the cadet program for my local sherifs department and i smoked marijuana when i was younger. i was wondering if i should tell the truth because i just turned 18 and it was when i was under the age of 18. or, should i lie and if i lie will they really be able to tell or fail me even if i dont admit to it.

  11. Reb32573 says:

    Honestly you should be fine. Even the most stringent law enforcement agencies are pretty lenient on marijuana. If it was more than five years ago, they probably won’t care.

  12. Reb32573 says:

    Chief, thanks for the advice. I wish to become a Denver Police Officer. So I sorta know now what to expect. I really have nothing to hide at all, but in case something like this happens I know what to say. One of my character references was a former FBI federal agent and he told me they do algorithms if they see something that may be a red flag. Unfortunately for “Steve”… I would have maybe recommended a cash advance or borrowing money from family or friends. Such a shame.

  13. bkc822000 says:

    I am in the process of becoming an officer . I would like more information

  14. FlamingLavaOwl says:

    Will Smoking Cannabis in Highschool when i was 13 get me disqualified?

  15. dice00713st says:

    Hello Russ my name is Steve and i am in the hiring process with LAPD and i have my polygraph on the 9th of October. I had an a problem at my old job, we had an associate discount and it was okay to give it to family members as long as you dont recieve and money for it. well i bought something for a family member and the company thought i received money for it but i didn’t. The company terminated me for stealing. How would i explain this to the examiner and to the oral board? im really worried.

  16. Shinemodel says:

    If you did any sort of drug the agency would not hire you because it’s against the law. It would be contradiction on their agency part. Telling the truth will not get the job, you’ll just be a honest felon to them. To pass a polygraph when the examiner ask you a question, you think of a question to yourself and answer your question instead if the examiner’s out loud. Remember it’s just a machine and it doesn’t detect lies

  17. Sam Levin says:

    I was horribly nervous. Not only did I fail but my polygrapher made up lies about extremely incendiary admissions he said I made that I actually didn’t. I reported him for misconduct. We’ll see if they actually follow up with an investigation.

  18. oneyelucky says:

    Oh man! You must be Steve! Two reasons.
    1) Spelling.
    2) You’re into random guys.

    Oh man! I’m gonna ignore you from here on.

  19. oneyelucky says:

    Why? You Steve? You Man-whore. Would sure be disaster, full of liabilities and embarrassment to whoever hires you. “I’m short on rent, so I’ll go suck a random cock.” WTF Man. Who even think like that?

  20. Paul Deffenbaugh says:

    Chief Russ,
    I have been in law enforcement for many years, which listening and watching your videos are an inspiration of a clearly spoken intelligent individual. You have my up most respect sir…
    Thank you Chief!

  21. poly1dr1 says:

    Your videos really helped get me to feel ready and gave me reassurance that my responses were on par, thanks.

  22. jarrellf69 says: the san jose police department next year I.was nervous of the polygraph.exam im.not.going to.lie.i.did.some.bad things before I.stoled I broke a few laws but.nothing serious how.can.i.pass the exam. Even.with.a few wrongs I.did

  23. Eh1n0j05a says:

    I would love to see your polygraph examination video

  24. oneyelucky says:

    Thats all around fucked up. I’m glad Steve is gone.

  25. pns1985 says:

    Failed two polygraphs because of this “fisher question”. One was with the Secret Service and one with a local municipality. I have noticed every examiner has done the same thing. I’ve taken 5 polygraphs in my life. Passed 1, failed 4. I currently work on a department which does not use the polygraph.

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