Larry King Awkward WikiLeaks Interview

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange argues with Larry King over the relative importance of personal charges versus the revelations contained in recently leaked documents. New TYT Network channels: New TYT Facebook Page(!): Subscribe to the FREE Video Podcast on iTunes: Follow us on Twitter: DISCOUNTS: FREE Movies(!): Note: The above two links are for TYT sponsors. Read Ana’s blog and subscribe at: TYT Network (new WTF?! channel):

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    25 Responses to “Larry King Awkward WikiLeaks Interview”

    1. BlackScorpionSkull says:

      We shouldn’t even have to rely on leaks for our news thats whats so fucked about these times.

    2. roofrack101 says:

      We have the right to know about what is happening in the world. There should be complete transparency throughout the governments actions. Everyone is getting all ‘wah wah he raped some bitchez, now hez gettin a taste of hiz own treatment!!!’ But raping somebody and leaking documents are completely different things. The documents we are seeing have not been altered or changed and are completely unbiased. While the media is simply labeling him as a rapist while not even knowing the full story.

    3. DUB8leA says:

      no one gets on the news for rape charges, he’s on there to discuss Wikileaks, not personal charges made by 2 women.

    4. csl212 says:

      i agree with you 100% you laid it out there very very well, it may have been a better strategy to just deny it, say it was a smear campaign, and moved on, the timing of the charges are really fishy, so as of now, i’m not inclined to believe they’re true

    5. Triforcecwp says:

      Trivial in comparison, yes.

    6. standinginnothing says:

      The truth when spoken has a certain ring to it. Like when you tap a crystal glass it sounds different to when you tap a glass made of glass. Assange words carry the ring of truth. Nobody believes that he is guilty of rape, those allegations dont carry the ring of truth, they smell of lies and deceit.

    7. azrodrigues says:


    8. AnonShawi says:

      @hannamary39 are you really comparing assange to jesus christ?

    9. bernlin2000 says:

      But the main point is, those kind of “tabloid” questions are really only relevent to the leak if there was a questing of the document’s veracity. As far as I’ve seen, nobody disputes that these thousands of documents are legit, so the sex charges would only, at best, be used to question Assange’s motives (not even that, in my opinion) but mostly they just smear him, and distract from all this information that was hidden from us. Larry’s response was well-phrased, but he’s still wrong.

    10. greeneightball says:

      @hannamary39 Wow you really show the caliber of YoungTurk viewers

    11. mbett99 says:

      Swedish people what happens with You?Amoral swedish women persecute Assagne & politician with the Nobel award,like paz & literature,You descredit your country.

    12. IamLate4You says:

      Who is this dumbass ??? and does his Mother know he’s out of the house ?

    13. stratelite says:

      When is a Larry King interview not awkward?

    14. larry89 says:

      sad to say it but you’re right.. power is in knowledge, and power is preserved and concentrated within a group with the use of secrets. if the majority knew, the scheme wouldn’t work. that’s why they call them sheep

    15. MrHansonGreen says:

      @larry89 So a building structure, that most countries already have anyways, means we are exactly like rome? You will never get a leader of a country who doesn’t have secrets, you will never have a leader who openly tells you about mistakes they have made, and it is literally impossible to have a war without civilians accidentally hurt or killed. THese are just facts of life, even if you were leader of this country you would have plenty of secrets that you would not want the public to hear.

    16. larry89 says:

      america is modern day rome. look at the obelisks and domes in washington dc. just by the architecture you can tell it’s basically rome resurrected. rape allegations charged against radicals is a common strategy used by the government for propaganda. they’ll do anything to discredit the ones who stand up for the oppressed.

    17. TheChewyTunes says:

      I understand that asking trivial questions compared to thosands of deaths is

      offensive, but just quickly say true or false, mention the rudeness of asking that type

      of question in the midst of the release and move on.

    18. TheChewyTunes says:

      it’s no surprise whats happening to assange…

      Jesus was also accused of somehting he didn’t do, but he wasn’t locked up, he was killed in the most horrible way. Crucifiction is horrible. So don’t be surprised people, he spoked on love and truth and they did that to him…

      Jesus said… i come from a totally different world. Yeh, a world of pure love… beautiful… I love Jesus.

    19. babyboyco007 says:

      dude you really think 15000 civilians is the problem go to Iraqi and take a look at what has been left with the depleted uranium bullets tips that have been used to you know what it is like to have a child and ask the dr. if the child is normal you silly americans

    20. TasteofAuntJemima says:

      this dude has no delivery style.

    21. Seabass200 says:

      Assange is AUSTRALIAN! We get to have him first as our Prime Minister :D

      Then maby we can share him :p

    22. TheRickmurray says:

      I laughed out loud on this one! the of course was crazy funny.. thank you for the laugh..

    23. Blissss09 says:

      These wiki leaks could lead towards the end of the world just as Nostradamus predicted in 2012. The Mayan calendar also ended in 2012 because according to the Mayas that is when the Galactic Alignment occurs. This happens only once every 26,000 years, and was what the ancient Maya were pointing to with the 2012 end-date of their Long Count calendar. The Galactic alignment is supposed´╗┐ to be a crucial moment on earth and for that reason a possible end of the world disaster.

    24. LOLDISNEYLAND says:

      @nick583 Not really. I can see that wikileaks can take a number of issues and publish them as wikileaks is in the business of revealing secrets. If there is a leak about the presidents infidelity, that could threaten his leadership, then is this tabloid journalism? The cable leaks are an important line of documents that show utter dishonesty in the diplomatic process where the government claims that it is correct and orderly when speaking to the people. It is a wakeup call for the public.

    25. LOLDISNEYLAND says:

      @ahguex i see your efforts as a good way to educate others that might have the same short sightedness as @punellino

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