LAPD Police Academy Training Video on “Proper Use of the Flashlignt”

Connie Bryan’s character: LAPD Sergeant “Bob Sagen” makes a Police Academy training video for new recruits on “The Proper Use of the Flashlight”…or shouldn’t the working title have been: “Proper AB-use of the Flashlight”..

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    25 Responses to “LAPD Police Academy Training Video on “Proper Use of the Flashlignt””

    1. eroksyoursocks says:

      tree hugging bitch

    2. TheHoeDownTV says:

      131 people are cops who don’t like the truth (known) or a womyn being a host.

    3. ksonicshadow says:

      bad acting and attempts at humor aside, i’m sure some cops that had to sit through this shitty training video appreciated the humorous sentiment. seriously people, it’s called a sense of humor. get one. cuz dying serious, sad, and lonely just sucks.

    4. guitarandukuleleplay says:

      @omgitzsaw3300 do you try to sound like an idiot or does it just happen? Satan has his hand on most cops doing his evil money collecting. Tools. When end of days is here you guys are fucked!

    5. guitarandukuleleplay says:

      @HeidiChambers70 Heidi you are an idiot. Now get out there and collect money for the state. You certainly have the holier than thou mentality that most cops get. Get a clue. See you in tea!

    6. HeidiChambers70 says:

      Make fun of police officers as much as you choose. Keep making spoof videos…looking like those from 1980 to boot. But, DO NOT EVER call 911 for help if you are ever in trouble and in need of help. You might think twice about spreading HATE (like we need more HATE IN OUR COUNTRY) about police officers. STOP SPREADING HATE and making our police officers look bad. STOP!!!!! What would we do without the men and women putting their lives on the line every day for US???

    7. Marshal8946 says:

      I think you deserve to get hit with the flash light. Exigent means: Emergency, exigent circumstances.

    8. agent4051 says:

      Fucking hippie this isn’t even funny..

    9. nazaxprime says:

      @w225151 wrong, those citizens are are just worried about their protection vs enforesment of tyrany.
      When will the cops as a whole realize they are enforcing illegal “laws”?
      This country is fucking insane.

    10. ben2028 says:

      This. Is. So. Funny. Ha. Ha. …not

    11. UserUnknown77 says:

      lmao a glue gun as a taser?

    12. lapd28229 says:

      Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake

    13. omgitzsaw3300 says:

      thats so disrespectful making fun of a person that keeps ur ass from not getting killed everyday

    14. omgitzsaw3300 says:

      shut the fuck up u hippie ur just pissed that weed is illegal

    15. rudeboy3 says:

      its funny when the “good ole boy” system was in effect there was a lot less crime…wonder why

    16. butkuss says:

      Stupid liberal propaganda!

    17. Intoxiqated says:

      What the fuck is she wearing on her head? What are you Davy Crockett?
      And whats up with the typical “aviators and porn star mustache” cop? Might as well give him an afro and Chicago accent and make him say “I’m bringin ya DOWNTOWN PUNK”
      Starsky and Hutch music…really?

    18. crazyhorz says:

      Who the hell is ths nasty hag hippie?

    19. FutureMarine246 says:

      @MartinFoshizzle haha nice try, but im not white, sorry

    20. MartinFoshizzle says:

      @FutureMarine246 And who the fuck are you some cracker? I bet you chicken shit muther fucker.

    21. Zeerotoo says:

      This video is fuc king ridiculous.

    22. 2204Alpha says:

      you misspelled flashlight in the video title, moron.

    23. superduperkid369 says:

      the LAPD explorers suck big hairy balls the ranger explorers are way better

    24. mpsoldier83 says:

      Just so everyone knows, this guys full of shit, there are some idiots that believe this, but the vast majority of law enforcement officers aren’t this stupid.

    25. 911Muscles says:


      PLUS :

      Everyone in the law enfrocement community knows that Military law enforcement is a joke and that no one takes them serious outside their bases…they are just a bunch of 18 year old kids with rifles and no proffesional experience or demeanor

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