LA Noire Gameplay Series – Investigation and Interrogation [HD]

LA Noire Gameplay Series – Investigation and Interrogation [HD] A brand new trailer from Rockstar Games and Team Bondi’s upcoming crime action game LA Noire. Take a look at some of the gameplay elements you can expect to interact with in the game. The latest in our series of in-depth gameplay videos for LA Noire, “Investigation and Interrogation” focuses on two of the crucial skills of any good detective. Comprised entirely of in-game footage, this video reveals how players will search crime scenes, interact with possible clues and question witnesses and suspects in order to solve cases Developer(s) Team Bondi Rockstar Games Publisher Rockstar Games Director Brendan McNamara Writer Brendan McNamara Platform PlayStation Xbox 360 Release date NA 17 May 2011 EU 20 May 201 Genre Mystery Mode Open world PIXEL ENEMY PRESENTS Subscribe to Pixel Enemy: Like Pixel Enemy on Facebook: Follow Pixel Enemy on Twitter: Visit Pixel Enemy on the web: TAGS: la noire gameplay trailer footage rockstar games team bondi pixel enemy pixelenemy yt:quality=high HD new 2011 first look preview sony playstation 3 xbox 360 consoles video games gaming games tutorial television bollywood widescreen “movie film” politics director hindi talking interviews

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    25 Responses to “LA Noire Gameplay Series – Investigation and Interrogation [HD]”

    1. jackydefo says:

      dno if i should get this

    2. KassRedFox says:

      I love you Rockstar, let’s get married!

    3. person0709 says:

      @GnewsChannel awesome! thx :)

    4. frontedhero says:

      i want MOOAARRR

    5. kentuckyfriedplus says:

      Rockstar’s never been known for games that have the best graphics…they’ve always been mostly about the core gameplay experience and I hope this one delivers.

    6. kentuckyfriedplus says:

      @experssion123 they’re keeping painfully silent about that one.

    7. RotaryCrab5555 says:

      @Assasin342 haha that is so him!!

    8. fazzdaddy says:

      i think from this trailer you can see it isn’t LINEAR :) :) :)

    9. fazzdaddy says:

      i think from this trailer you can see it isn’t LINERAR :) :) :)

    10. x0thraxxorx0 says:

      halo reach it looks like it

    11. RaYk1LL3r says:

      1:08 IT’S LEO!!!

    12. experssion123 says:

      what happened to agent?hmmmm?

    13. GnewsChannel says:


      the Tech trailer is on the side bar

    14. Nintendoman15 says:

      Those facial animations are amazing..

    15. CGuyDE says:


    16. ThousandairesClub says:

      this looks like Mafia 2…hopefully its not as LINEAR…

    17. TylerGWelch says:


    18. Hauler24 says:

      The investigation aspect of this game looks amazing, but the fighting leaves something to be desired.

    19. person0709 says:

      I really want to see how they motion captured these freaky facial expressions.. The best in the gaming history ever!

    20. sammoTboy11 says:

      Holy SHIT! I want this game so bad I jizzed!

    21. lapd28229 says:

      hard on!

    22. Fisho1997 says:

      PS3 Gameplay FTW !
      I freaking love this game this is game of the year for me.

    23. Joeki11a says:

      Has anybody asked the question, IS THIS GAME FUN????

      this is a VIDEO GAME aka supposed to be FUN, from what I seen they seem to

      be showcasing a TECH DEMO setting a standard for facial animations but

      ok ok that’s all good. BUT is the game fun?…. did they remember that in their

      whole process?……..I HOPE SO

    24. TheHurleybiy says:

      It’s the guy from Southland!

    25. DexterM187 says:

      1:09 Leo from Charmed?

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