LA Noire Gameplay Series #2: Investigation and Interrogation

Part Two of LA Noire Gameplay Video Series Title: Investigation and Interrogation The latest in our series of in-depth gameplay videos for LA Noire, “Investigation and Interrogation” focuses on two of the crucial skills of any good detective. Comprised entirely of in-game footage, this video reveals how players will search crime scenes, interact with possible clues and question witnesses and suspects in order to solve cases. Platform: Microsoft Xbox 360 & Sony PlayStation 3 Made by: Team Bondi & Rockstar Games For more, visit: ● ● http

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    25 Responses to “LA Noire Gameplay Series #2: Investigation and Interrogation”

    1. ZeppelinFloydRoses says:

      I just played this game. It’s fucking awesome!

    2. ZomgAKnife says:

      @Canizarezqw It’s been said that ‘missions’ are constantly unlocked by completing other missions. I’m not sure if it’s gonna have some Fallout 3 mechanic behind it.

    3. xTr3nDyyX says:

      is this the same engine as red dead redemption

    4. Canizarezqw says:

      So, how does this game work then? Can you steal cars even though your a cop? and how many missions are there? Wanna know this is worth buying.
      Sorry but can’t tell by trailers

    5. LoveOlderWomen says:

      @MrDaan8 i also prefer playing on my PC but this game will never come to PC same goes with RDR… i suggest you get yourself a Console since RockStar has already given up their market for PC games due to piracy.

    6. MrDaan8 says:

      @GRASeriesVideos will it come out on pc to???

    7. TheSonsOfAngels1 says:

      Can this game go online ?

    8. GoucheGizmo says:

      looks fucking sweet! cant wait

    9. ghanaru says:

      the gameplay really looks similiar to Godfather game.. and also the combat style

    10. fanirama says:

      Holy crap! This is an evolution in gaming – look at those expressions.

    11. jimney07 says:

      Are there any other rockstargames coming out this year?

    12. razvyIV96 says:

      Finnaly,7 years after Half-Life 2,we see the facial animations taken to the next level.

    13. IceKoldKilla1992 says:

      @ePiCMickster69 Neither have they let me down. They are so far the only company out there that REALLY delivers quality games in every sense (story, gameplay, graphics..). I mean just look at GTA, Red Dead, Max Payne and L.A. Noire! I hope GTA V has this game engine.

    14. ErikHockey12 says:

      @ErikHockey12 one*

    15. ErikHockey12 says:

      @chase00agent113 i dont think they made one for every single ine duh

    16. RockstarGames2011 says:

      @chase00agent113 ahahaha

    17. kaulitzforlife says:

      If it wasnt for rockstar, i probably wouldnt even buy a ps3
      sucks for people who still own a ps2

    18. TheStrightEdge says:

      god bless you rockstar , you never failed to make a good game

    19. Ecoman555 says:

      its more like heavy rain

    20. MasterGamesTV says:


    21. awesome444444 says:

      @GTASeriesVideos haha fail :P Canada is in North America

    22. dandanalbert says:

      Is that Matt Parkman from Heroes at 2.18?

    23. KiLeTheKiLLa says:


    24. chase00agent113 says:

      @ErikHockey12 theres way more than 6 there is gta 1 2 3 4 vc sa vcs lcs london advanced cw and that is about it unless you count dlc

    25. Scoarr says:

      @seargent1203 YES.

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