Kyushu-Ryu Finger lock

A seminar in Ontario proves painful for students. Amazing how sensitive figers can be.

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    13 Responses to “Kyushu-Ryu Finger lock”

    1. fzinck says:

      yes…. but when first learning such techniques we do it extremely slowly so Uke can tap and control the pain while Tori studies the physics.

    2. mugenJP says:

      so do you also learn a fair bit about joint and muscle anatomy to be able to perform with such speed without the risk of dislocating or breaking his finger or is all about pressure?

    3. ToonToonrules says:

      lol the wushi finger hold!

    4. fzinck says:

      Great suggestion, I will try to post something this month for you.

    5. BroodjeGezond says:

      Can you show us in detail exactly how to perform the fingerlock?

      Great video by the way.

    6. fzinck says:

      Thank you so much, I have great students!

    7. johnny102marvin says:

      Great demonstration of the dynamics of using a finger lock. You are a good teacher.

    8. fzinck says:

      Your right but if you also train for street defense its good to know how to do such stuff.

    9. ShadowSnike says:

      In karate matches, we’re not allowed to grab the digits or fingers.

      Great trick never-the-less.

    10. fzinck says:

      It’s a basic finger lock. This video is a really about studying the dynamics involved to create pain compliance to control a subject or break the fingers in a fraction of a second. Trust me, its extremely intricate and technical to do it right but still easy to be effective doing it wrong . A good instructor will talk about weight shifting, the use of the leg muscles, physical angles and leverage.

    11. fzinck says:

      I agree, unfortunately someone shot it for me and I ended up with a low res mpeg. My apologies.

    12. SWOKLA says:

      Love the technique video too grainy, low quality

    13. nyumetsu says:

      could somebody show or explain the actual lock in the hand here

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