Kyusho Seminar Series One: Aikido, Tuite & Groundfighting

A short trailer of my instructional DVD on integrating kyusho with tuite, aikido, and groundfighting

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    6 Responses to “Kyusho Seminar Series One: Aikido, Tuite & Groundfighting”

    1. kijokentaijitsu says:

      badass video!

    2. Deke101 says:

      This looks pretty professional and kyusho seems to be a very logical match with Aikido. I have been slowly integrating pressure points into Atemi Waza for a while now. It seems to make technique more powerful but it wears out uke much faster.

    3. kyushoaikiguy says:

      This is actually an old clip I put together a few years ago. At the time I used Adobe Premiere Pro. I took the old clip into After Effects and updated it a bit. These days I use Adobe CS4 exclusively. Mainly Premiere Pro, After Effects & Encore.

    4. butane216 says:

      gotcha.. the production of the video was very good, what program are you using?

    5. kyushoaikiguy says:

      February of 2003.

    6. butane216 says:

      what was the date at the end? 2003?

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