Krav Maga – military

Krav Maga in polish army Artist: 009 Sound System Song: Dreamscape

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25 Responses to “Krav Maga – military”

  1. miridobro1 says:

    ajmo dolje z? sad zas pa imam nekaj z zalim

  2. kRYSISpwnz says:

    lol attacking weaponed guys with a stick XD

  3. m0nde says:

    i wonder what will happen if iran nukes israel and these fellows are trying to defend themselves this way?

  4. a4d2d0 says:

    What about defense against Israeli terrorists?

  5. CheeseGundam says:


    It’s called “shoot them first”, faggot.

  6. CPLBSS88 says:

    @ST34LTH1 LOL…ya just have to do it for them…

  7. dboy11368 says:

    lol, those attackers had some serious balls charging at armed soldiers with sticks and knives

  8. kaschtnsamtdiekarbln says:

    fuck, that soundtrack is in 1 out of 3 youtube videos by now. it was good the first 10 times i heard it, now it just pisses me off.
    great video, though.

  9. indieclock says:

    at LEAST those willing to blow themselves up are going out too. what scum.

  10. cacerescabrales says:

    such an awesome video ruined by crappy music

  11. hotshahzrulz says:


    009 sound system – dreamscape

    its in the should read it before u ask questions, but yeah awesome song lol

  12. edujt5 says:

    P E N O S O

  13. FenixXeon says:

    I dont know about you I am not going to attack a guy with a AK 47 with a knife :s

  14. ST34LTH1 says:

    Didn’t see any defence techniques for people that blow themselves up

  15. gman23sa says:

    The techniques shown are very bad!

  16. mcmtnp says:

    I’m sick of this song, damn YT

  17. Paatonsilta says:

    I didnt like this videos music so I pressed dislike button! Thumbs up if u did the same!

  18. ikikumm says:

    i fuck this fucking song! [3]

  19. fromrussiawithglove says:

    @hotshahzrulz do you know the name of it?

  20. fromrussiawithglove says:

    @FrikZz0r whats the name of it?

  21. mogatyrtkd says:

    what a stupid video

  22. mindfulcreation says:

    I love watching the sparring at 0:37

  23. joebarcool says:

    KRAV MAGA power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Israel up !!!

  24. Congutalgunit says:

    i fuck this fucking song! i hate it like Waka waka, many times played

  25. Congutalgunit says:

    i fuck this fucking song!

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