Krav Maga 8: Knee Attacks: Human Weapon Self Defense Technique

Krav Maga 8: Knee Attacks: Human Weapon Self Defense Technique Krav Maga is Hebrew for “contact combat”, “close combat” or “full contact”. It is an hand to hand combat system developed in Israel that involves wrestling, grappling and striking techniques, mostly known for its extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks, as it is also taught to elite special forces around the world. It is a martial arts discipline using the human body as a weapon in an almost street fight type style. It can be practiced as both a fitness sport and self defense technique. In these free video clips, experts from Fit & Fearless Austin gives free how to Krav Maga Instruction, demonstrating different techniques. Visit the Fit & Fearless Website at; This video was produced by Psychetruth Music byJimmy Gelhaar © Copyright 2010 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved. This video maybe displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited. Krav Maga knee attacks counter attack videos self-defense self defense human weapon instruction technique demonstration street fight

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    25 Responses to “Krav Maga 8: Knee Attacks: Human Weapon Self Defense Technique”

    1. nachos89 says:

      @Spirituality1980 I understand what you’re saying, but in alot of states, such as Georgia, where I live, it is not mandatory that the attacker have a weapon in order for an individual to defend themselves physically. Lethal force can be used in this state if a person feels as though their life is in danger. In some situations it may be too late to react by the time you’ve discovered if your attacker is holding a weapon or not.

    2. Lachdenan says:

      @Antizionist4life That’s why you can grab around the head/over the shoulders as well. The knee is very effective to pulverize before you KILL (don’t forget to yell “kill” like the USMC to scare people). If you kick the ankles out, you can always knee the face and head if you’re not so strong. Don’t diss the knee, though. That shit hurts!

    3. nightmage414 says:

      knees that low are best thrown without a pull not straight away, maybe after a few strikes, i tried a grabbing knee in a fight one time, guy leant forward and thought my pull was working, then he headbutted me in the nose.

    4. oldsgtmajusmc says:

      good knee action- one thing though-you said the cross forearm accross throat wil choke him out- wrong-his head just moves back-no pressure plus he is moving quickly-use the forearm as a quick strike-that will do some damage- oldsgmausmc

    5. ORVX says:

      @RBLVK come on sunshine, im not he one talkig shit on a keyborad but hot wiilling to bakcit up in real, can’t remember if you the one I send my skype to , but either way, send me a pm darlin, and we will work this out in real. Shit like this gets women hurt, dumb women to be sure, but women that don’t need to be hurt. A real man calls this propagandist bullshit for what is, teaching women they can fight is like standing on edge of a cliff & telling a 5 yr old he can fly, both gonna end up dead.

    6. cmetpb says:

      @Antizionist4life this grab is very difficult to scape, and gives even to a girl the chance to manipulte a big man.You should train and feel this before you make that sort of comments!

    7. cmetpb says:

      @Antizionist4life this grab actually gives even a girl, the chance to manipulate a big man . you should train this and feel this before you come to make that sort of comments

    8. crackring209 says:

      @RBLVK i am aware of that

    9. RBLVK says:

      @Antizionist4life To go on here, because of the lack of space;
      I think Sambo, Jeet Kune Do and other all round fighting systems are very effective!
      But, the thing about Krav is; it’s based on a get out the quickest way without being harmed and with a load of options for self defence.
      And that’s what it is.
      It’s a self defence system based on your natural reactions but perfectioned in a way that it’s easy to learn and hard to forget.
      I think it’s the most effective way of fighting!

    10. RBLVK says:

      @Antizionist4life Ok…..that makes it a whole different context.
      I know Sambo (as in I know what it is) and yeah…..your 8 years of practice will probobly kick my ass.
      But that’s not my point (I said it in a hostile way first but i’ll take that back now).
      What my point is, is that Krav Maga has all the usefull parts of all the martial arts and a lot of “awereness of your enviroment” in it.
      Plus it’s allway developing.
      That’s why I think Krav owns…
      C other message cuz i aint got space

    11. Antizionist4life says:

      @RBLVK Really? and which one of those 2 skinny faggots are you in the video? They don’t look tough at all,they look like homosexuals trying to be tough!! You are a piece of shit,I took Russian sambo for 8 years while I lived in Britain,you would not kick my ass you dumb fuck,get a life and stop dreaming,easy to say it but hard to do it,ah,ah,ah,ah,ahhhhh!!!!!

    12. Spirituality1980 says:

      @thevickizzz Yeah, well you obviously can’t talk your way out of it every time hehe.

    13. thevickizzz says:

      @Spirituality1980 I see your point, but I don’t think you can actually talk your way out of the situation :P
      It’s a good opinion/idea though :) It would be nice If it could be like that.

    14. RBLVK says:

      @ORVX Haha, ok tough guy legal or not, still there are many others who would kick your arrogant ass!
      You’d fight Fedor Emillianenko too? Sure you would, because you’re a tough guy and you never would decline a challenge, but you would be torn into pieces! Non the less, I just hate your cocky attitude! A real fighter knows to pick their battles instead of randomly reacting with a agressive cocky attitude.

    15. RBLVK says:

      @danmarino1970 You have a very good point and I must admit (with no shame at all :P) that i’m a great fan of JKD and i’d love to practice it. I actually dubbed a very long time between the two, but the reason I chose Krav was the fact that áll the good parts from évery martial arts are combined in one self defence system named Krav Maga.
      And that last part…..I want to break through that judgement, because I respect and very much appreciate Bruce Lee for his wisdom and his awesome martial art!

    16. ORVX says:

      @RBLVK no punk, not anywhere, in a legal formum, do it all the time. I don’t goof on you for bowling, don’t fuck with what I do. some golf some fight, legal is legal, deal with it punk. not a fight, a legal competition.

    17. danmarino1970 says:

      @RBLVK .. you know.. you’re right.. and i never will either. i’m a senior JKD student.. and love it because it emphasizes no way as way.. freedom on every level.. and it’s concepts brutally real and effective.. Krav Maga (with all do respect) borrowed heavily from JKD in its later stages of development.. to what you see today.. but you will never see anyone give credit to Lee Jun Fan (AKA Bruce Lee)for that..

    18. RBLVK says:

      @ORVX Damn, you are one cocky ignorant son of a bitch.
      Can’t imagine you kicking someone’s ass…..and I don’t even know who you are.
      You know why?
      You reply to some random dude (who obviously has more common sence than you) that you’re willing to fight him anywhere, anytime.
      And for what?
      For a comment???
      That seems a little pathetic, doesn’t it?
      And you know damn well that he wouldn’t accept your invitation, but you thought it might make you look cool.
      Well guess again shithead ;)

    19. RBLVK says:

      @crackring209 ufc rules are; no eye-gouching, no groin attacks and no kicks to the face or footstomps while your opponent is on the ground. But these are just the ufc rules, not mma rules in general

    20. RBLVK says:

      @danmarino1970 yeah… never took a lesson krav, right?

    21. RBLVK says:

      @Antizionist4life It’s just 1 of the many options in krav maga, i’d like to kick your ass with this complete bullshit!

    22. Spirituality1980 says:

      @seusgordo Awesome. Thanks for the info. :)

    23. seusgordo says:

      @Spirituality1980 True. during classes the instructors every time teach you that first you need to evaluate the situation (less than a half second), because there can be more than 1 guy and they can be armed or maybe it’s only one, but this one could also be desperate, ready to attack, or sometimes they just get your stuff and run… anyways, when you do krav maga you start to think different in these cases, just like i did: I was really peaceful but now I can see an exit for every situation :)

    24. kingzfan2000 says:

      @Antizionist4life If you practiced it enough to where it was second nature then I think it would be very effective but the thing about being proficient at self defense is that it has to be a lifestyle. Training has to be something you dedicate several hours a week to at a minimum. A very well trained female could probably destroy an average mugger that makes the common mistake of getting too close. And a guy that was legitimately proficient at this stuff? Forget about it.

    25. danmarino1970 says:

      “All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns.” – Bruce Lee

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