Krav Maga

Better TV checks out a new fitness routine that adds a kick of self-defense.

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15 Responses to “Krav Maga”

  1. strunzal says:

    ^home family life ??!!

  2. The1Virginian says:


  3. tigerboyX says:

    yeah keep it hard

  4. GunBigotHater says:

    Looks like a good time. Unfortunately, it’s not taught anywhere near where I live. Closest location about 350 miles.

  5. THroar says:

    its allready is in aerobics class sir. :(

  6. leetstyle says:

    lol krav.

  7. expurgatetor says:

    LOL, hmmmmmmm odd lol

  8. grmtito says:

    well said MackMcBlack.Knowing people they would burn this fighting style out.Keep it hardcore !!!!!!

  9. PicklesTehClown says:

    Krav Maga is not a work out. wtf is is this shit

  10. donnyab says:

    yes…..just thinking the same thing…..I know nothing about this but having looked at some of the other stuff on KM on YT this seems like a joke, a bunch of people punching rubber things…a total lack of any technique

  11. MackMcBlack says:

    Ugh… I fear that as Krav gains more popularity that it will become watered down into a typical aerobics class.

    Keep it hardcore =/

  12. MrJoseBravo says:


  13. venturaflx says:

    Krav is the SHIT

  14. cacapoopoo113 says:

    lol that was the wackest video on krav maga ever

  15. ANARCHYorPEACE says:

    lol she got owned at the endd!!!

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