Krav Maga 2: Straight Punches: Human Weapon Self Defense Technique

Krav Maga 2: Straight Punches: Human Weapon Self Defense Technique Krav Maga is Hebrew for “contact combat”, “close combat” or “full contact”. It is an hand to hand combat system developed in Israel that involves wrestling, grappling and striking techniques, mostly known for its extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks, as it is also taught to elite special forces around the world. It is a martial arts discipline using the human body as a weapon in an almost street fight type style. It can be practiced as both a fitness sport and self defense technique. In these free video clips, experts from Fit & Fearless Austin gives free how to Krav Maga Instruction, demonstrating different techniques. Visit the Fit & Fearless Website at; This video was produced by Psychetruth Music byJimmy Gelhaar © Copyright 2010 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved. This video maybe displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited.

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    25 Responses to “Krav Maga 2: Straight Punches: Human Weapon Self Defense Technique”

    1. Karlsen1893 says:

      when the girls did it did you notice he said nice? dont think it was the technique he was talking about lol

    2. 00Avenger17 says:

      is that a tiger in the background?

    3. Flow3rFac3 says:

      i need to learn that

    4. ArmedVegan says:

      Very cool. What kind of wrist wraps are y’all using?

    5. bae313 says:

      More great drills. These ladies r trained 2 a level where they will be able 2 fend off jealous ex-boyfriends, touchy-feely drunks in bars & would b rapists. They have skills 2 beat +50% of the male population & 99% of the female population. I m not a fan of the straight punch, mainly due 2 knuckle damage that can b sustained after a solid shot 2 a skull. BUT I like the ground punch drill which opens up other attack choices. It’s not likely the guy on top is a disciplined jui-jitsu student.

    6. staringintotheabyss says:

      I think it’s funny how a bunch of scrub commenters are judging an entire martial art based on a single demo vid that features krav maga tailored for the self-defense of women. If you want to see the advanced levels that involve weapon disarming and other techniques you can find them all over youtube. There’s even an entire documentary on krav that gives you the history behind it. What’s shown in this vid is extremely basic, almost “first lesson” basic, you haters need to get a life.

    7. Mogh says:

      Unless you’re planning on punching TWO people standing in front of you, the jab and the straight-right should be aimed at the same target — and that’s the pad on the coach’s right hand. You shouldn’t have someone jabbing across their body like that. Also, stop squaring up and you’ll get more extention on that jab and better leverage on the straight right.

    8. freshhug says:

      How can you knock me out with a broken arm and choked to unconsiousness?

    9. mcaball2 says:

      @NewAmericaNow Agreed.

    10. mcaball2 says:

      @freshhug How will you break my arm if I knocked you out?

    11. SilvaPiri says:

      @wtfbroskie It’s probably because the microfone is in his chest, so we here his voice and the clothes scraping at the mic.

    12. adolthitler says:

      @AKAMACK10 Marketing. If an army uses it, its leet and old ladies can beat Tyson with it.

    13. jystyle says:

      @EricFinnerty Wow are you serious?
      fist < sticks < blades < arrows < bullets < bombs
      I know silly what is your point?

      PS. Boxing < Wing Chun

    14. LuqmanNaq says:

      @EricFinnerty Wing chun isn’t boxing. Chinese boxing but not western boxing. Yep good western boxers are fluid and stable check out a hightight reel of Floyd mayweather jr, Sugar Ray Robinson and Roy Jones jr on youtube to see what you’re describing applied against a resisting opponent.

    15. LuqmanNaq says:

      @EricFinnerty Your claiming boxer punch from their shoulders? You’ve never done boxing then. That is one of the first things you’re taught not to do. Watch any boxing match and you will see torque as the source of power.

    16. EricFinnerty says:

      Oh and when your in that stance, it’s the hips that give you that power. Baseball players that hit homeruns, give it that turn of the waist to give it that extra POW!

      Rather then like in western Boxing and stiff white people xD use there sholders and back and loose balance and waste more energy, cos it give more impact back to you.

      Wing Chun, is to control the attacker and apply your move at that time.

      perfect example:

    17. EricFinnerty says:

      @jystyle, thats why you bite or thumb in the eye your way out, pressure points hurt more when your a body builder. Or you could just have a gun…

    18. EricFinnerty says:

      @LuqmanNaq, Wing Chun = Boxing
      The difference is the spirituality aspect and kicking. If you’ve studied up on Lee then you’d be familiar with of the vertical fist punchind and centerline control(targeting human body chakras).

      Which I don’t think they’re clear on is, in your stance in Jeet is to be connected to ground, meaning using the vortice of your body’s energy field, drawing energy in and back out and being fluid like WATER. It’s very natural really…
      1 of Bruce’s students is on YT…

    19. marpoq says:

      i like how in the intro the guy is smiling while the girl is on top of him lol

    20. LuqmanNaq says:

      @ArcoFlagellant LOL

    21. LuqmanNaq says:

      @EricFinnerty from my understanding of Jeet Kune Do, Bruce was influenced by boxing and fencing in his movement. I have a few of his books and that is very clear his movement wasn’t wing chun.

    22. EasternGateGuardian says:


      Hahaha! well said man!

    23. ArcoFlagellant says:

      Maybe Krav Maga works well to beat up defenseless children. That would be fitting for what the Israeli army does.

    24. informateurX says:

      humm systema punch are way more powerful than krav maga’s.

    25. diramonsky says:

      America, such a fucked up country.

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