Kioto Jiu Jitsu Self defense vol.2

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    22 Responses to “Kioto Jiu Jitsu Self defense vol.2”

    1. thegame3999999 says:

      he is my master dude

    2. thiagolevy says:

      That is the REAL Gracie Jiu-jitsu by Grand Master Helio! Let’s keep it real! Jiu-jitsu as self defence

    3. billysue2 says:

      all of helios brothers were also 10 th degrees.

    4. kflint says:

      does anyone know the new location for kioto?

    5. GJJFan says:

      ONLY the members of the Gracie clan can become 10th Dan. (Although, I beleive that even Rorion canNOT get his 10th Dan, since he was not an original “founder” of the system, as was stated on the Gracie Family Wiki.) The original “founders” were the 5 Gracie brothers, Carlos (1st taught by Maeda) then the other brothers taught by Carlos, were, Oswaldo, Gastao, Jr., George, and of course, Helio. Helio is actually recognized by the Kodokan Dojo, as a 3rd Dan in JUDO.

    6. GJJFan says:

      Basically, BJJ is the ground work aspect of Judo. And the standing applications are those that have been derived from Judo, wrestling, etc.
      Remember, and I know it is hard for a lot of Judokas to accept, but, Judo came from TRADITIONAL Jiu-Jitsu! BJJ came from what they learned from the JUDO master, Maeda.
      I’ve had this argument again and again with Judokas, but basically, BJJ AND Judo, are derived from Traditional Jiu-Jitsu. So, yes you will find almost the same moves in both Judo and BJJ.

    7. GJJFan says:

      And Carlos Gracie, Sr. Co-Founder of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.
      And everything else is pretty darn acurate!

      Grandmaster Mansur is an awsome person and a great instructor! :-)

    8. fairplaynow says:

      it is interesting to note that bjj for self defense is made up of basic Judo throws and groundwork.

    9. baccili says:

      Acreditar em tudo que os gracie fala é que faz mal a qualquer um que seja meio inteligente.
      Vc vai dizer também que o Rickson ganhou as tais 400 lutas?

    10. ghiacciolo007 says:

      a verdade faz mal aos bobinhos judokas?

    11. baccili says:


    12. ghiacciolo007 says:

      it’bjj,developed by helio gracie.judo self defense program is pure fantasy.

    13. rand0mlyrand0m says:

      This looks like judo, is it?

    14. rand0mlyrand0m says:

      He is 9th degree red belt which is the highest you can be if you are not a Gracie. The highest possible you can be (Gracie) is 10th degree red belt, the only person who was, was Helio Gracie.

    15. baccili says:

      Is not bjj, its judo!

    16. AEGS says:

      Mestre Mansur, is a truly samurai

    17. DreamOfTurtles says:

      Considering he’s probably reaching 90 by now…

    18. ivesmax says:

      Jiu Jitsu Brasileiro.

    19. Paulkiotobjj says:

      yeah hes doing good

    20. rsan10 says:

      francisco mansor, red belt master!

    21. AberrantBJJ says:

      Considering he’s a 9th degree BJJ redbelt…….

    22. ninja1shinobi says:

      Not bad

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