Kim Thomson | Loose Women Interview (14.01.10)

Actress Kim Thomson discusses Mark Wylde’s impending death in tonights murderous ED double bill. Thursday 14th January 2010. No copyright infringement is intended.

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12 Responses to “Kim Thomson | Loose Women Interview (14.01.10)”

  1. playfulpaul1985 says:

    she oozes sexiness

  2. bumblebeezzx says:

    wow i love her shes so kwl and so pretty my dad told me she was 50 and i said no way in hell mabey 40 at apush wow

  3. scott1990scott says:

    Kim is beautiful, is their a woman hotter?

  4. ChelseyCSD says:

    does anyone have the Loose Women show with Maxwell Caulfield (Mark)

    please?? :)

  5. suzy233 says:

    This storyline has been amazing!!! I’ve loved all of it! Gooooo Kim wooooo

  6. rogtomlin3 says:

    chemical love

  7. holza0 says:

    Love Kim!! :) Great actress, shame I missed her last interview on Loose Women

  8. dobindave says:

    Ruth and kim on the same show im in heaven.

  9. JohnPaulandCraig says:

    Love Kim! Thanks for uploading Jon.

  10. fantaorangecan says:

    She seems like a nice lady.. and you have to respect any actress who wears no make up on telly.

  11. Sorcerer8605 says:

    Hahaha! This is fantastic. I can’t wait to see tonight’s murder-filled episodes! :-)

  12. xClaireElizabethx says:

    Thankyou so much for this x

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