Kevin Lewis Krav Maga Promo Vid

Krav Maga Worldwide Sherman Oaks instructor Kevin Lewis’s Promo Video

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12 Responses to “Kevin Lewis Krav Maga Promo Vid”

  1. rahulde78 says:

    looks more like muay thai training than krav maga

  2. cudalewis says:

    Let me know when I can stop by and leg kick you then you can comment on the quality of the students kicks. And of course they follow a punch combo numb nuts but not when your teaching a begining level student for the first time. Way to take a technique out of context.

  3. cudalewis says:

    These are students leaning round kick for the first time.

  4. Evisu89ce says:

    very very good, I love muay thai

  5. kinokid says:

    those kicks are crap!! they have to follow a punching combo, but i doubt his students are killer combatants, just ppl looking for health and general well-being.

  6. salido3131 says:

    Muay thai the best…

  7. guitarninja83 says:

    A kick is just a kick. It is generally the philosophy and principles that create a system. Someone should maybe think deeper? :)

  8. frugalmail says:

    kickboxing + multiple attackers + defending against weapons + ground fighting (enough to get out of staying on the ground) + getting rid of rules + dealing from a point of disadvantage (e.g. not knowing you’re about to get attacked)

  9. sullivan92604 says:

    Your right, this is their kickboxing training for Krav. Waaaay more than just kickboxing though

  10. RxRevolution says:

    Yes, Long Live Krav Maga!!!!

    Best Self Defense system around!!!

  11. shredieshred says:

    chop down the tree!

  12. Comsubin82 says:

    Good work…really good. Long live Krav maga

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