Keith Owen on Side Control Defensive Tactics: 45 Degree Angles and creating space

Keith Owen (Pedro Sauer Black Belt) talks about the importance of 45 degree angles when you are on your back and your partner has the cross side position. He discusses proper movement and where to arch your body. Visit Keith Owen’s Site: Mr Owen is available for seminars world wide.

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25 Responses to “Keith Owen on Side Control Defensive Tactics: 45 Degree Angles and creating space”

  1. icon115 says:

    more keith owen please

  2. tonywpt says:

    thank you very much for sharing this helps me alot.

  3. utarian7 says:

    Hi Submissions 101. I would like to ask after the 45 degree bridge + hip escape why don’t you go for an underhook with the left arm to HIS left shoulder instead of the elbow? Can’t the elbow get trapped? and you end up back in side control?

  4. taichibailongball says:

    Does the fist going under his head press up against his chin or his cheek? Or does it not matter?

  5. OnlySS says:

    Thanks for these side defense videos, this was always one of the hardest positions for me to advance out of. Keep them coming !

  6. wrestle2me says:

    Awesome videos.
    And I love the funny style you do.
    I love it.

  7. cobrajitsu says:


  8. josh1212121 says:

    keith owen is cool!

  9. DaSolidAce says:

    is there any way we can get trained by u guys??

  10. plus44rock5 says:

    very nice videos. keep them coming.

  11. TheNumberOneNoob says:

    iv learned at least 1/4 of my bjj from this. oh and i subscribed so yeah.

  12. Scottjuliemm says:

    Mr. Keith’s are great! Very helpful.

  13. Thyrinal says:

    Yeah subscribing to this channel was definatly one of my better ideas. Great teacher and love the vids. ThankYou

  14. KJGould says:

    @brettgoudy Though to be fair, the big guy’s hips were pretty high to start with, and he’s a whitebelt. The concept of 45 degree angles for bridging is sound and taught by all good teachers.

  15. arturenglish says:

    Great teacher. Amazing, funny and really useful.

  16. 5010246 says:

    plz keep posting these! this is helping me so much!
    Keith is amazing! again plz keep posting the entire sesion of side controle defence :)

  17. brettgoudy says:

    he’s great, i like that he didn’t let the big guy give him the position he made him go hard to prove that it works on even a much larger opponent and that’s the beauty of a martial art, showing that it actually works vs a bigger faster or stronger opponent… god i love jiu jitsu

    keep um coming ari, don’t get punched in the face too much ;)

  18. Jackthemeat says:

    Ari you are so lucky to training under Keith.
    thanks for posting

  19. Curatalo506 says:

    Hahahaha im laughing so hard from your comment!

    threatening , i know exactly what you mean

  20. nly8nchz says:

    Nice! I will apply this tonight.

  21. MessyRTK says:

    Awesome video!

  22. fadikhawaja says:

    Keith Owen is a legend. Ari is his Robin. Upload some grappling videos of Keith and Ari. I want to see them in action.

  23. joeyjoejoejrshabidu says:

    This guy’s a funny dude!

  24. T0KIWARTOOTH says:

    Keith Owen is a great instructor. i wish my jui-jitsu guy was actually funny. instead of threatening hahaha

  25. khanio1 says:

    great teacher, 10/10 i subscribed

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